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Buy and trade Facebook shares

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Shares from the Facebook Company are among the most recent to be quoted, in 2012. It is now possible to buy shares in this famous social network, or simply to speculate in the rise or fall of their price using CFDs on online trading platforms. Whether you wish to speculate over the short or long term, this stock market share can therefore be profitable.

General presentation of Facebook:

Who has not heard of the name Facebook? Few people certainly as the Facebook Company is none other than that which launched the famous social network of the same name. This company incarnates the type of internet success sought by numerous internet companies with a number of unique users that passes the one billion mark.

It can equally be noted that, compared to the number of users that this site enjoys, the capital obtained at its introduction on the market enabled an evaluation of $100 per website user. It is therefore not surprising that many Facebook users actually invested in this company from the start, envisaging a constant rise and exponential growth in the number of potential prospects for this network together with the turnover figures over the long term.


The major competitors and partners of Facebook:

The Facebook Group, as you already know, exercises its activities in the social networks sector. In this sector, and following the strong success it has experienced, it has a number of large competitors that exercise similar activities and are quoted on the stock markets, these we will examine here in detail.

  • LinkedIn is a social network dedicated to professionals, it can be considered as a major competitor to Facebook.
  • Twitter, due to its operational method similar to that of Facebook is currently its major competitor and is also intended primarily for individuals.  
  • To conclude, Google with its video sharing networks such as YouTube is also a serious competitor. It should be noted that this group is currently developing its own social network under the name iGoogle. A number of companies have already joined this programme including Yahoo, Viadeo and Friendster.

Of course, other small companies and start-ups represent possible competitive threats to the social network company Facebook in the coming years but here we have chosen to examine only the major existing competitors.


The major partners of Facebook:

Apart from the professional partners of Facebook we can cite several stock market giants that collaborated with this company in 2016 on the creation of a partnership related to artificial intelligence for the benefits of individual members of society. These companies included IBM, Microsoft, Google and Amazon.

This collaboration is in fact a not-for-profit organisation that has the main objective, as indicated by its name, of undertaking research into the good practise of the use of artificial intelligence which is advancing rapidly nowadays. The results obtained through this research due to the collaboration of these various companies will be published under an open license.


The introduction and quotation of Facebook shares:

Historical data regarding the movements of Facebook shares is still fairly limited as these assets only came onto the market on the 5th June 2012. These company assets were made available through the Nasdaq market where other technological assets are quoted such as Google and Apple.

We can however note that, regarding the rush of investors during the initial public offering, the Facebook Company does attract attention and draw crowds and can therefore make a lot of money over the long term. In fact, over 100 billion of U.S. Dollars were made in that one single day.


How to trade Facebook shares: 

Like many Forex traders you will no doubt be interested in learning how to benefit from Facebook shares in order to make profits. Here is our response.  

The best trading tool to use when speculating on Facebook shares is without a doubt the CFDs. Widely offered by the online Forex brokers, CFDs (as with the currencies) enable you to speculate on the  rise, or the fall, on various assets including shares. Before opening an account with a broker you should always systematically verify which assets are available through your broker as not all offer trading in Facebook shares.

Using CFDs, and in accordance with information that you can obtain from the economic news of the group itself, you can make profits whether the share price goes up or down. Of course, it is imperative that to do so you keep up to date with present and future movements of the business concerned. 

One of the advantages of Facebook is its popularity so making it possible to easily find a huge amount of information relative to this company on the Internet.


Some advice for trading in Facebook shares:

It is now possible to speculate on the movements in Facebook Company and try to make a profit by buying this company’s shares. To do so you should enquire through your online bank who can explain how to go about becoming a shareholder in the company and receive dividends. However, although the future growth of this company may seem limitless you should bear in mind that patience is needed if you use this system.

The advantage of Facebook shares is that related events are highly publicised in the specialised media and therefore information on its forthcoming movements is easy to obtain.


Historical movements of the Facebook share price:

A few years after the IPO of Facebook shares on the Nasdaq stock market it has become possible to predict the company’s growth possibilities over the long term. A historical technical analysis of this asset from 2013 to now is particularly interesting as it displays above all the strong growth capabilities of this share price.

On its initial introduction on the stock markets, over-valued expectations led to a slight fall in the share price over the first few hours of this asset’s IPO. However since then it would be fair to say that Facebook shares have more than recovered the numerous points initially lost. This asset did actually reach its historical low point of $18.08 in August 2012 but has just about always been on the rise since then and is continuing to approach the psychological threshold of $150.

We also observe numerous rising and falling micro-movements during this base trend that represent many profit opportunities with a short or medium term trading strategy using CFDs.


Financial and economic history of Facebook:

Here are some of the most important dates in the economic history of the Facebook Company:

  • On 8 August 2010 Facebook purchased 19 Friendster patents.
  • In January 2011 the company was valued at 50 billion dollars.
  • In March 2011 Facebook launched its VOD service.
  • Purchase of the Push Up Press Company by Facebook in August 2011.
  • In March 2012 Facebook launched the App Center online applications boutique.  
  • In April 2012 Facebook purchased Instagram for a billion dollars.
  • In May 2012 Facebook purchased Glancee.
  • In February 2014 Facebook purchased WhatsApp for 19 billion dollars, 15 billion of that was in exchange for shares.
  • In March 2014 Facebook purchased the Oculus VR Company specialised in Virtual Reality for two billion dollars.
  • In September 2016, Facebook issued a press release announcing a partnership with the IBM, Google, Microsoft and Amazon companies relating to artificial intelligence for the benefit of individuals and society that would be in the form of an NGO.
  • In 2016, Facebook launched a payable social network for businesses under the name ‘Workplace by Facebook’.

With this information, you will find it easier to understand the stock market movements of this asset and the investors’ interest in it.

How to trade on the Facebook share price?

Take position now on the Facebook share price and trade whatever the direction of the trend using CFDs available through CFD brokers.