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Buy and trade Google shares

The Google Company is nowadays known by individuals and professionals around the world.

The success of this name enabled the introduction of the company shares onto the stock market in 2004 and thereby the capitalisation of several billion U.S. dollars.

This is why Google shares represent an excellent stock market investment.


General presentation of Google:

Similar to Apple, Google appears to portray a true American success story to experts. This is all due to the creation of a tool that has become just about irreplaceable to us nowadays, the famous search engine, that the company managers have built their reputation upon.

We can underline the performance of the Google company with the fact that with despite starting with few means it has grown to become one of the major American companies.

The company Google Inc. was created in 1998 in Silicon Valley by its two founders; Larry Page and Sergey Brin who originally created this famous Internet search engine. Although competitors have since come to nibble at the market such as Yahoo or Bing, Google Inc. have successfully diversified their offer by proposing services such as Google Earth, unique in its sector. 

Since its creation it has grown to be valued at 210 billion dollars on the market and has no less than 20,000 employees. 

Since its beginning this company has not stopped increasing its revenue due to a highly efficient and particular style of management. Today it is one of the major Internet companies and possesses around 900,000 servers, the higher volume worldwide. Its famous search engine alone is responsible for nearly 6.4% of the worldwide internet traffic, a share that is constantly increasing.   

To summarise, if you are interested in computer technology, the Internet or the general New Technology sector then Google Inc. is definitely a company to follow over the coming years and it would be judicious to invest on a rise in its share price.


Introduction and quotation of Google shares:

Google shares were introduced onto the stock market in 2004 and immediately scored a success with investors. It should be said that right from their launch the Google search engine achieved incredible success with the internet surfers thereby making a fortune for its two creators, Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

At the time of its entrance onto the stock market, Google shares were sold on the technologies market, the Nasdaq, at the rate of 85 U.S. dollars. In only a few minutes this price rose to 100.01 U.S. dollars, enabling the company to rise to a value of 1.67 billion dollars in one single day.

Since this time, Google company shares have not stopped attracting attention from numerous investors that speculate on the durability of the Internet sector and the development of new technologies and functions that this company offers.


Some advice for trading in Google shares:

There are several methods of making money through Google shares. The first is by buying them through your bank online. In this case you should take care to buy them at exactly the right time when you foresee a rise in the price of these shares over the short term. Of course, if you prefer you may speculate over the long term, counting on the increase of activity of this company that offers numerous products and services such as Smartphone operation systems and internet browsers.

Another method consists of speculating on the rise or on the fall of the value of Google shares by using an online trading platform. Using the online brokers, you can access tools called ‘CFDs’ that enable you to speculate on this share whatever the direction of the trend. To make a profit using this principle you need to take into account the Google company performance and its forthcoming expectations to predict the supply and demand level as well as future movements in its share price.

One of the major advantages in trading Google shares or buying shares in this company relates to the quality and amount of information that can easily be found online concerning the performance of this company. It is therefore notably simple to detect the best rising and falling signals for its price.

Benefit from Google shares to make profits!

To make profits using trends followed by the price of the Google shares, you simply need to make an initial deposit with an online broker and start to speculate on this share in real time. You can easily make substantial profits rapidly.