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Buy and trade GoPro Inc. shares

Certain initial public offerings (IPOs) on the stock markets are excellent moments to enter into the world of stock market trading. One of these moments in recent years was the entry of GoPro onto the stock markets, an event eagerly awaited by investors that saw this as a great opportunity to make significant profits over the medium and long term. To enable you to take position on this extremely popular asset we offer you here the opportunity to learn more about the GoPro share price with explanations and important background information on the group and an analysis of the initial trends of its share price.


About the GoPro Inc. group:

The GoPro Inc. group is specialised in the manufacturing and sales of photo and video equipment. However although the major part of its activity concerns the camera itself, another part is responsible for the manufacturing and sales of accessories related to it.

With a total of 970 employees around the world, the GoPro group has experienced growing success over recent years due to the sales of a portable camera bearing the same name.


Analysis of the GoPro Inc. share price:

Although the GoPro share price is not yet incorporated in the calculation of a major stock market Index, its historical growth is still interesting to follow.

Since its first quote in June 2014 at €25.86 the GoPro Inc. share price experienced a strong rising trend which came to a peak of €68.55 in June 2014. Since then, a slight corrective falling trend has been noted.


Important stock market data about GoPro Inc. shares:

In order to assist you to trade effectively on the GoPro Inc. share price we provide you here with some essential stock market information relating to its quote on the stock markets and the position of the company on the international markets. In this way you are sure to have all the information you need to reap maximum profits with your strategies.

  • In 2017 the total stock market capital of the company GoPro Inc is U.S. $913.51 million.
  • The number of shares issued by the GoPro Company and currently in circulation is around 1,940,932.
  • The GoPro Inc. share price is currently quoted in section A of the Euronext Amsterdam stock market in Holland.
  • The GoPro Inc. company share price is also included in the composition of the Dutch National stock market Index, AEX, which includes the largest companies of this country in terms of stock market capital.
  • Shareholdings in the GoPro Inc. company comprise the following: 5.99% by the Vanguard Group, 5.37% BlackRock, 2.46% Dean S. Woodman, 1.67% Blue Ridge Capital LLC, 1.65% SSGA Funds Management, 1.41% Barclays Capital, 1.38% Morgan Stanley & Co, 1.36% Susquehanna Financial Group, 1.32% Pinnacle Associates, and 1.14% Northern Trust Investments. The rest is floating.

Invest in the GoPro Inc. share price with an online broker:

The Forex type online brokers are perfect entry points to take position on the share price of GoPro Inc. By opening a trading account now you will be able to enjoy the numerous benefits that lead to successful trading.