Buy and trade McDonald's shares

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Among the big names of the American companies quoted on the stock markets is that of McDonald's. This company’s shares look to have a golden future and are very appealing to investors that wish to speculate on them, promising future profits, especially over the short term. This is the case with the largest fast food chain in the world, McDonalds, which still sells its shares on the stock markets thereby enabling numerous investors to trade in this share price through stock market speculation. This is what we shall investigate today with some relevant information on the company and its pole position on the American, and world market.

A brief history of the McDonald's Company:

The McDonald's Company is much older than you may think as it was actually founded in 1950 by an American businessman, Ray Croc. It started as a simple franchise but Mr. Kroc quickly decided to buy the rights to the main company from the McDonald brothers. That was the humble beginnings of McDonald's, the largest international fast food chain. 

Although McDonald's started in the United States it became an international chain at the beginning of the 70s. One interesting point, after the United States, France is actually the country where McDonald's makes its biggest profits with no less than 1,100 franchised restaurants including a huge and well known restaurant on the famous Champs Elysees, a true symbol of McDonald's success in the country famous for its culinary reputation.


Activity and turnover division summary of the McDonald's Company: 

The McDonald's Company can boast a considerable turnover due to its major activities which fall into two sectors as follows: 

  • The restaurants operated under their name: These are the restaurants that are entirely owned by the McDonald's Company and managed via the internet. Theyinclude no less than 7,000 restaurants throughout the world and represent 70% of the company’s total turnover.
  • The franchises: These are the restaurant franchises, that is to say those managed and operated by outside partners in return for a payment to the company. There are over 20,000 restaurants in this category and represent around 27% of the company’s total turnover.

It is important to note that McDonald's also holds major holdings in other big name fast food chains such as ‘Prêt à manger ‘ which, despite its name is actually an English chain. 

The total annual turnover of the McDonald's Company reaches to over $22.74 billion and its resulting annual income is around $5 billion. 

The largest part of its turnover is generated in the United States with 39% of total receipts compared with 10% for Europe and 10% in Asia. However this achievement is even more astounding when it is taken into account that on its home ground it faces competition from brands such as Burger King, KFC or Yum.


Quotes and values for the McDonald's shares: 

McDonald's shares are quoted on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) and are taken into account in the calculations of the major American Index, the Dow Jones.  

Historically, the shares of this fast food company experienced a rapid rise up to 2008, the beginning of the global financial crisis. However, since 2009 the company has managed to compensate for its losses and the shares started rising again.

Where and how to trade Mc Donalds shares?

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