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The quotation of the Madrid Stock Exchange in Spain


As you undoubtedly already know Spain boasts several major stock markets. However here we will study the largest Spanish stock market, the Madrid stock market.

It can be very beneficial to follow this stock exchange, or the shares quoted thereon, with the aim of speculating on its index or the related shares. 

Here therefore is some information you should know.


Summary of the Madrid Stock Market:

The Madrid stock exchange is one of the four major Spanish stock markets together with those of Barcelona, Bilbao and Valence. These four are included in the ‘Borsas y Mercados Espanoles’ (Spanish Stock markets and exchanges). 

The share prices of the largest Spanish companies are quoted on the Madrid Stock Market including some that are highly popular throughout Europe.


The major Madrid Stock Market index:

As with the majority of major European Stock markets, the quote for the Madrid Stock Market is integrated in the calculation of a major stock market index. In this case it is the Ibix 35 index that is composed of the stock market capitalisations of the 35 highest quoted Spanish companies.

It is therefore easier to understand the importance of this Stock Exchange for online trading purposes.


Trading online on the Madrid Stock Market:

You can trade on the Madrid Stock Exchange in two different ways. Firstly by speculating on the rate of the Ibis 35, and secondly by trading directly in shares that are quoted on this stock market, both can be undertaken through a broker.