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Buy and trade Rio Tinto shares

Investing in the commodities market can also be undertaken through the stock markets. You can for example buy Rio Tinto shares online and this we will examine here in more detail with some explanations and important data such as its real time price and a historical technical analysis.


About the Rio Tinto group:

The English group Rio Tinto is one of the principal specialists in the research, exploration and mining of iron, aluminium, copper, coal, industrial minerals and diamonds in the world. It achieves the largest part of its turnover from iron.

Rio Tinto achieved the largest part of its profits in China and Asia and also in the United States. Then there are the European markets, Canada and Australia.


Analysis of the Rio Tinto share price:

The price of Rio Tinto shares is currently quoted in the foreign section of the Euronext Paris stock market and is integrated into the calculation of the FTSE 100 stock market Index.

During the last ten years, the share price of Rio Tinto has experienced a high volatility with a peak in May 2008 of GB £6,969 before a drop to GB £1,049 in December of the same year. Between October 2010 and August 2011 it crossed the GB £4,000 barrier before stabilising just below it.


The economic weight of Rio Tinto in this sector:

The principal activities of Rio Tinto take place in Australia, the United States, Canada, Latin America and South Africa.  

The group became renowned as the fourth largest mining group in the world in 2009 with a capital of around 34 billion and was positioned 263rd in the 2008 list of the largest companies in the world.

The company also owns a number of mines and base metal factories in Canada with QIT Fer et Titane that works the world’s largest Ilmenite deposit as well as in Labrador, with a 59% shareholding in IOC, the largest iron mine in the country, and a 60% shareholding in the Akdov diamond mine in the North Western territories.

In 2013 Rio Tinto enlarged its range of equipment with a train supplied by the Qiqihar Railway Rolling Stone Co. Ltd., it was manufactured by a Chinese train company and is believed to take the largest charge capacity in the world; it can transport up to 155 tons per wagon, the maximum charge per axle is 44 tons, which means a total capacity charge for the train of 30,000 to 50,000 tons.


Important stock market information relating to Rio Tinto shares:

To conclude this article here is some general but necessary information you should know relating to Rio Tinto shares that will enable you to better understand the place occupied by this company on the international markets:

  • In 2017, the Rio Tinto Company attained a total stock market capital of around GB £5,885,919.43 million.
  • The number of shares issued by the Rio Tinto company for the same period and currently in circulation on the stock markets is around 1,374,800,000.
  • The share price of Rio Tinto is actually quoted in the foreign section of the Euronext Paris stock market in France.
  • The Rio Tinto company share price is also included in the British National stock market Index, the FTSE 100, which includes the 100 largest British companies in terms of stock market capital.
  • The shareholdings of Rio Tinto are composed as follows: 13.10% the Shining Prospect Company, 8.38% by the BlackRock American investment fund, and 4.02% by the Capital Group Companies. The remainder of this company’s share assets are floating; held by private individual and institutional investors.

Where to trade in Rio Tinto shares online?

Rio Tinto shares are available on all the standard regulated trading platforms of the market. You can start trading in them now by using one of the best brokers currently available.