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Buy and trade Saint-Gobain shares

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Maybe you are interested in enlarging your online stock market investment portfolio to include large French companies that are included in prestigious indices such as the CAC 40. In this case the Saint-Gobain Company, a specialist in construction materials, may already be known to you. But before launching into speculation of this highly successful company shares we recommend you learn more details about its activities and some important information that will enable you to make an effective analysis of its share price.

About the Saint-Gobain Company:

As stated above, Saint-Gobain is one of the leaders in the manufacture and sales of construction materials on an international level. Its activity takes place mainly in Europe but also touches other countries and areas worldwide.

The majority of this company’s turnover is generated by the distribution of materials through a large distribution network. Then there is also the manufacture of construction materials, glazing, high performance materials and treatments.


Details of the activities and products sold by the Saint-Gobain Company:

Nowadays, the activities of the Saint-Gobain Company are divided among various activity sectors of which here are the details:

  • The distribution of materials represents 49% of the group’s activity with over 4,200 sales points throughout the world under the following brand names; Point P, Lapeyre, Jewson, Graham, Raab Karcher, Dahl, ‘La Platforme de Batiment’, and Orientale.
  • Construction products represent 27.5% of the company’s activity with plaster, insulation, industrial mortars and tubing.
  • To conclude, innovative materials represent 23.5% of the group’s activity with high performance materials and glazing.

Let us now look at the geographic details of the turnover achieved by the Saint-Gobain Company. 27% of its turnover was achieved in France, 42% in Western Europe, 12% in North America and 19% in emerging countries and Asia.


The major competitors of Saint-Gobain:

The Saint-Gobain group is currently the international leader in its sector due to a scaled economic strategy that was implemented long ago. But the group has also been accused of illicit relationships with several of its competitors and in consequence has had to pay a fine of 1.38 billion Euros. Nowadays, there is no more talk of collaborating with its competitors and Saint-Gobain needs to battle with the few businesses that try to wrest market parts from its grip. We offer you the opportunity here to learn about the companies that threaten this business as you should take their events and news into consideration when completing your fundamental analysis of this stock market asset.

  • Wolseley
  • Lapeyre
  • Berisford plc International
  • Boral Ldt
  • Groupe Castorama Dubois

On the other hand it should be noted that a new form of competition is now making its appearance in China which could also present a threat for the group in coming years with far more competitive prices.


The major partners of Saint-Gobain:

The Saint-Gobain Company spends a large amount of money on research and innovation and therefore needs to implement numerous alliances and strategic partnerships with other companies to lower its production costs and fees. A number of large French companies are therefore current partners of Saint-Gobain.

This is the case with the company Point-S to which Saint-Gobain entrusted the maintenance of its fleet of vehicles which comprises several tens of thousands.

More recently, in 2017, the Saint-Gobain Group entrusted its communications to the French Group Publicis after an invitation for tenders.

Finally, on the international level, Saint-Gobain has signed a strategic partnership in Egypt with Sisecam for the construction of a factory to produce 900 tons of glass every day for the unique destination of the Egyptian market.


Analysis of the Saint-Gobain share price:

Although the turnover of the Saint-Gobain Company has shown a certain stability over recent years, online investors that wish to integrate this company in their portfolio may equally find it profitable to speculate in their shares over the short term.


Important stock market information about Saint-Gobain shares:

It is of course extremely important to know the different economic and stock market events that have marked the growth in the Saint-Gobain share price and its issuing company. But it is also essential to be aware of other more general details about the quotation of this asset. This is why we decided to list here some essential data that you should remember about this stock market asset and its possibilities. 

  • In 2017 the total stock market capital of the Saint-Gobain Company is around €25,715.09 million.
  • At the same time, the number of shares issued by the company and in circulation on the stock markets comes to a total of 555,281,510 shares.
  • The price of Saint-Gobain shares is currently quoted in the section A of the Euronext Paris stock market in France.
  • Saint-Gobain Company shares are also included in the composition of the CAC 40, the National French share market index, this places Saint-Gobain among the top 40 French companies in terms of stock market capital.
  • Shareholdings in the Saint-Gobain Company are composed as follows: 80.60% floating, 7.70% Savings Account funds, 6.40% Wendel, 5.08% BlackRock and 0.20% Autocontrol.


Financial and economical history of the Saint-Gobain Company:

A study of the economic and financial events that have marked the history of the Saint-Gobain Company over the last few years enables us to better understand the movement trends of its share price on the stock markets. Therefore, to enable you to use this data, here is a summary of the most significant events:

In 2014, Saint-Gobain sold its activities in North America for 1.5 billion Euros to the Ardagh Group. In June of the same year, the group announced its purchase of the Phoenix Coating Resources, a ceramics manufacturer for the aeronautical industry. Also in 2014, Saint-Gobain took control of Sika, a Swiss company specialised in chemical products used by the construction industry.

In 2015 Saint-Gobain sold its subsidiary Verallia to the Apollo Global Management investment fund for 2.95 billion Euros. The subsidiaries of Apollo Global Management and BPI France held 90% and 10% of the shares of Verallia respectively. In July of the same year Saint-Gobain purchased 49% of the remaining shares of Cipta Mortar Utama, a company specialised in mortar.

Again in 2015 Saint-Gobain organised a temporary exhibition and world tour to celebrate its 350 year anniversary.

In 2016 Saint-Gobain announced the purchase of E-Mix, another company specialised in mortar, for 104 million Euros. In December of the same year, it purchased 100% of the capital of the Romanian company Pietta Glass Working, a specialist in glass transformation.


How to use all this information to effectively trade in Saint-Gobain shares?

All the data that we have given on this page can be useful to you when completing full and effective analyses on the Saint-Gobain share price. The details of the group activities will help you better understand the activity sectors you will need to monitor.

The analysis of past events and their effect on the price of this asset can equally assist you in using the data from a technical analysis in order to anticipate major future movements of this share price.

Of course, it is also important to take into account the data provided by a technical analysis. To do this correctly it is best to use reliable technical indicators to analyse the market trends. Finally, we highly recommend that you favour a strategy based on the collection of data provided by a fundamental analysis and that supplied by a technical analysis.

CFDs enable you to trade on the rise and on the fall of the Saint Gobain share price. In fact, these contracts enable you to take a buying or selling position on the relevant stock market assets. It is therefore possible to speculate on these assets whatever the market conditions.

Making a profit with Saint-Gobain shares:

Making money with Saint-Gobain shares is not a difficult thing to do at present as you simply need to follow the market trend and take position on the rise or fall in the share price accordingly.