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Stock Exchange Shares

Buy and trade Google shares

Google shares are undoubtedly one of the most interesting assets worldwide due to their incredible performance and strong liquidity. Here you can read all useful information about them as well as advice for trading them.

Buy and trade Facebook shares

Facebook is a company that entered the markets fairly recently and whose shares sell very well. Learn all you need to know about these assets and some advice for trading them on the markets.

Buy and trade Yahoo shares

The Yahoo Company has been quoted on the stock exchange since 1996. To speculate on its share price you can opt for purchasing the shares outright, or speculate using CFDs. Here are full explanations about this stock market asset and its characteristics.

Buy and trade Apple shares

The assets of the Apple Company are currently among the most highly traded company shares due to their high profitability and numerous innovations. Learn the practical information you need to know about this company for trading purposes.

Buy and trade Intel shares

Extremely well known on the stock markets for their extremely high profits and strong reactivity to the electronics market, Intel shares are definitely assets to follow. Here is some advice that can be used for your future profit.

Buy and trade Total shares

Shares in the Total Company are held by great numbers of investors throughout the world and offer particularly attractive profits. Here you can find all the information necessary for speculating on these stock market shares.

Buy and trade Allianz shares

Allianz is currently one of the major insurance companies in Europe and its shares are extremely popular with the public. Learn all you need to know about this company to ensure you invest in them profitably.

Buy and trade Siemens shares

Trading in Siemens Company shares has become highly popular nowadays. To ensure that you too can benefit from the advantages offered by these assets when speculating on the stock markets, here is some extremely useful information for you.

Buy and trade Microsoft shares

Buying or selling Microsoft Group shares basically means speculating on one of the most profitable companies on Earth. Learn some useful information and read some advice to make profitable investments on these stock market assets.

Buy and trade BP shares

Are you interested in BP shares and wish to invest part of your capital in its price? Here you can find some important practical information about this asset and the BP Group in general.

Buy and trade HSBC shares

Speculating on HSBC shares is an investment method that is both simple and profitable relating to the historical movements and the liquidity of these assets. Learn all you need to know to profit from these shares.

Buy and trade Santander shares

Start to make profits by investing in banking shares of the Santander Group. To do so, learn here how to complete a good analysis of the price of this asset for your future strategies.

Buy and trade EasyJet shares

Trading in EasyJet shares is a good way to make profits. But, before doing so, read our pertinent information about this company as well as a historical analysis of its share price over the last 10 years.

Buy and trade Vodafone shares

Learn how to trade in Vodafone shares, and in particular how to follow the share price in real time and complete a pertinent technical analysis of its price with our practical information on this subject.

Buy and trade Volkswagen shares

Read our essential information on the Volkswagen automobile construction company and its particularities so you can complete an effective analysis of its shares price for trading it on the stock markets simply and easily.

Buy and trade Tesco shares

Learn to trade effectively in Tesco shares by reading our important and detailed information on the activities of this major company as well as its current quoted price and explanations on this asset and its analysis.

Buy and trade Barclays shares

Learn all you need to know about Barclay’s shares to buy them online and make rapid profits by speculating on their price with our useful information and explanations.

Buy and trade Amazon shares

Amazon shares experience major movements on a daily basis but offer a general long term rising trend overall. They are therefore excellent shares to monitor. Here is some advice for trading in them.

Buy and trade Tesla Motors shares

Wait no longer to invest in Tesla shares, but first take the time to learn about its rate and price analysis as well as our explanations on the activity of this American group that’s increasing in popularity.

Buy and trade Caterpillar shares

Read some useful and important information about Caterpillar shares and make profits rapidly by speculating on the price after completing a full analysis with our advice and recommendations.

Buy and trade Unilever shares

Are you interested in investing in Unilever shares? Take the time to learn about the particularities of this company and its operations and read a historical analysis of its price over recent years.

Buy and trade Deutsche Bank shares

Shares from the Deutsche Bank are among the most popular banking group shares with traders. Learn how you can complete a pertinent analysis of the price of this banking asset.

Buy and trade Samsung shares

Learn about the most important data to know concerning the activities of the Samsung Group and its share price on the stock market to undertake a complete and effective analysis of the technical trend.

Buy and trade Glencore shares

Invest in fossil fuels with Glencore shares, read our detailed information with all the important data about this asset to assist you in your analyses and technical forecasts.

Buy and trade Nvidia shares

Read our detailed information on Nvidia shares with information about this company and the stock market quote of its share price including a historical technical analysis of the latter covering the last decade.

Buy and trade Twitter shares

Before starting to speculate on the Twitter share price learn all you need to know about this American Company and its activity, and read some advice on the analysis of its share price.

Buy and trade IBM shares

Read all our advice and essential information about the IBM Company to be able to achieve a successful analysis of its share price and thereby invest in this asset to achieve rapid profits.

Buy and trade GoPro Inc. shares

Learn how to speculate profitably on the share price of the GoPro Inc group with advice and pertinent information necessary to complete a correct analysis of its share price and follow it in real time.

Buy and trade Coca Cola shares

To trade Coca Cola shares using CFDs, it is first recommended that you know certain specific information about the emitting company. Discover here some practical information and advice concerning trading Coca Cola shares.

Buy and trade McDonald's shares

Trading McDonalds shares using CFDs offer certain advantages due to the fairly constant rise in the value of this asset that is highly popular among traders. Here is some useful information for speculating on McDonalds shares.

Buy and trade Rio Tinto shares

To purchase Rio Tinto shares and make real profits with this asset we recommend that you learn about these important signals and read our advice on the real time analysis of its share price.

Buy and trade AXA shares

Read advice and practical information about the AXA share price, the activities of this renowned European company and find out how to make rapid profits by buying its shares or trading in them online.

Buy and trade EADS shares

To complete a correct and effective analysis of the EADS share price you will need to know certain information that we will provide here in detail about this group and its activities.

Buy and trade Saint-Gobain shares

Learn how to achieve a precise and pertinent analysis of the Saint-Gobain Company share price and read detailed information about this internationally renowned company’s activities with our explanations.

Buy and trade Netflix shares

To buy Netflix shares at the right time and anticipate making rapid profits read some practical and useful information about this stock market asset together with a historical analysis of its price.

Buy and trade Alphabet shares

Before buying Alphabet shares online view its real time rate and read a price analysis reaching back to its first quotation. You can also find useful information about this company.

Buy and trade Nintendo shares

Before you launch into trading Nintendo shares online take the time to learn all the information you need about this company in our detailed review, in this way you can implement effective trading strategies.

Buy and trade Snapchat shares

Benefit from the recent introduction of Snapchat shares onto the stock markets and speculate on this new technology asset that appears to offer great investment opportunities and read some essential information for your trading strategy.

Buy and trade Eurotunnel shares

Learn all you need to know about Eurotunnel Company shares to trade in this asset effectively on the stock markets and complete a pertinent analysis of the share price of this company that is so popular with investors.


Although the financial products of online banks enable you to complete transactions on all the available stock markets assets including bonds and indices, it is above all the shares, issued by national and international companies that are traded by individuals. It therefore seems logical, even essential, that we dedicate a category to these shares, both well known and those less familiar, to provide you with the knowledge necessary to achieve your ambitions.

Here you will therefore find, for every share generally available, useful information on the issuing company as well as more detailed information on the quotation and history of the price, and finally, advice to trade them successfully with the best indicators and how to easily identify future rising and falling movements of these stock market shares.

With these explanations, the stock exchange shares will hold no more secrets from you!

Start trading online!