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The Stock Market Indices

Trading on the China A50

Trading on the China A50, although less popular, is a simple yet profitable way of speculating using CFDs. Read our detailed information on this Chinese Index, its composition and particular characteristics.

Live trading on the Dow Jones index with CFDs

Are you looking for quality information on the Dow Jones that will enable you to make profits rapidly by trading on this index? Here you can read our complete detailed explanations and some useful advice.

Live trading on the Nasdaq index with CFDs

Do you want to join the numerous individual investors who trade on the Nasdaq stock market? Read all our useful advice here for investing in this new technologies index and rapidly make profits.

Live trading on the CAC 40 index with CFDs

Trading on the French index CAC 40 is certainly very profitable but also presents certain particularities. To learn everything you need to know about the CAC 40 to be able to trade effectively, read our advice and information.

Trade Euro Stoxx 50 with CFDs

So you would like to learn more about the Eurostoxx 50 Index? Here you can read practical information and advice for making profits rapidly by speculating online on this stock market asset.

Frankfurt Stock Exchange: Quotes in Real Time

Consult the live quotation for the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and read various practical information on this major Stock Exchange where high numbers of transactions are completed on major companies shares.

Milan Stock Exchange: The Italian Index

Before starting to trade in the FTSE MIB Index, read our general and historical information on this Italian Index, from the Milan Stock Exchange. With this knowledge you should make profits more rapidly.

The S&P 500 Index: Quote and charts

Before launching into trading on the S&P 500 stock market index read this information about it including a historical analysis of its rate and, of course, find out its current rate in real time with the charts.

Live investing in the Japanese stock market (Nikkei 225)

Read our quality information on the Japanese stock markets, particularly the Nikkei 225 stock exchange index, to assist you in trading it immediately online with some explanations and a historical analysis of its rates since its creation.

The quotation of the Madrid Stock Exchange in Spain

The quotation of the Madrid Stock Market can be interesting enabling you to follow the major Spanish company share prices or speculate on the Ibix 35 European stock exchange index. Read this useful information about it.

Stock Market traders, both beginners and those more experienced, particularly appreciate trading on the major stock market indices due to their simplicity of operation and strong volatility. These indices are available via the intermediary of most online brokers and it is also possible to invest money in them using the services of the online banks.
We therefore decided to present here in detail, in this section of our website, the major European and International stock market indices that you may wish to invest in. For each index you will find all the practical information you require including:

  • Their overall composition and representation of the businesses listed.
  • Their history and the way they move.
  • The highest performing indicators related to them.

Advice for trading them online. With this information, you will be able to better manage your positions and implement effective trading strategies by understanding all the relevant aspects of the markets. 

Start trading online!