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Technical Analysis

The Strategy of Hedging on the Forex

If you trade on the Forex and are searching for a strategy that will enable you to cover your positions in a simple and efficient manner, then you need to learn about the strategy of Hedging as applied to currencies.

Cover the Forex trading risks

Discover how to cover Forex trading risks thanks to some practical recommendations and several cover methods which will allow you to limit your losses and increase your profits.

The Parabolic SAR Technical Indicator

One of the favourite tools of Forex traders used for the limitation of losses is the Parabolic SAR Technical Indicator. Here is an explanation on how it works and its advantages.

What is micro-trading?

Micro-trading is a method of speculation that is becoming increasingly popular and which requires only a small investment. Discover the function of the Forex micro-trading accounts and their advantages.

What is technical analysis?

Technical analysis is a method aimed at anticipating future movements of an asset price using charts and some theories. Learn how this type of analysis functions together with its advantages.

Understanding stock market charts

Find all the useful information that will enable you to read, understand and interpret the different stock market charts used for technical analysis, as well as explanations on the different types and chart display methods.

Trend analysis

Learn how and why it is important to complete a trend analysis for speculating on the stock market. Here we explain the different analysis methods and indicators to be used to learn the strength, direction and length of a trend.

Support and resistance levels

The support and resistance levels are technical indicators you need to know extremely well to succeed in your investments. Here is some information that will assist you in understanding how they work and why they are useful.

Moving averages on the stock market

Moving averages are the technical indicators preferred by traders and enable trading based on the trends by determining the most interesting entry and exit points of a market within a given time period.

The pivot points strategy

The pivot points method is a widely used type of technical analysis that enables all traders to identify the most advantageous points on the market. Learn in detail how to use them for trading.

The economic calendar

What is an economic calendar and what is it used for? To learn this read our explanations about the function of this essential tool and how to interpret its data to obtain reliable indicators.

Day Trading strategy

Day Trading is one of the most popular stock market investment methods at present. To learn more about this technique and its operation, read some practical information and tips here.

The Bollinger Bands

Bollinger Bands are used for indicating the volatility when conducting technical analysis on the price of an asset. Learn how this indicator functions and how to use it for trading online.

The Japanese candlesticks

The Japanese candlesticks are one of the most popular display types of charts used by both individual traders and professionals. Learn how to read and interpret these charts to study and forecast the trends of an asset.

The RSI Indicator (Relative Strength Index)

The RSI indicator, or Relative Strength Index, is one of the most used indicators throughout the world. Learn how to interpret this technical indicator to determine the dynamics, or strength of a market and thereby establish an effective trading strategy.

The Carry Trade strategy

Learn about the Carry Trade method, what it is, how it works and how to apply it to make significant profits by trading in currency pairs on the Forex using our explanations and advice.

Volatility analysis

Volatility analysis is extremely useful for stock market speculation. Learn how to correctly analyse and how to best use the obtained results to trade on the stock markets and make profits.

Fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis is one of the two types of analysis essential to trading on the stock markets. Learn what it consists of and how to extract useful information from it to succeed in your upcoming investments.

Purchase and sales signals on the stock markets

Learn about the entirely free stock market trading signals that are available daily with the website and discover how you can use them to your advantage in your online investments.