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Buy and trade Total shares

The oil and energy markets are currently the most volatile and this is reflected on the price fluctuations of certain stock exchange shares.

This is the case for example for Total Company shares upon which you can speculate using CFDs, or even buy them through the online banks.

These assets, highly popular with investors, offer the opportunity of good profits to individual investors, as long as they understand how this company operates and its activity sectors.


General presentation of the Total Company:

The Total Company that we know today has not always existed in its current state. In fact, it is through the merger and acquisitions of the first company and others such as Petrofina and Elf Aquitaine that Total came into being. In the beginning the Total Company was called ‘Compagnie Française des pétroles’ (French Oil company).

Since 2007 Total has been the largest French company as well as that with the highest share capital throughout the Euro zone.  It should also be noted that Total is also the fifth largest oil group behind Exxon Mobil, Chevron Texaco, Shell and BP

The annual turnover of this company is around 10 billion Euros and its activities can be divided into several main sectors: 

  • The major activity sector of Total is of course the refining and distribution of crude oil which includes the trading and sea transport of petrol. The group actually includes 25 specialised refineries throughout the world and 16,000 petrol stations internationally. This sector represents the largest part of the company’s turnover.
  • The production and distribution of fuel are also two major activities of the Total Company. These are natural gas and coal with which we include transport, storage and sales activities. This part currently represents 15% of the company’s turnover.
  • Finally the last activity sector of the Total Company is the production of polyethylene and fertilizers.

The oil production managed by Total is distributed throughout several continents principally Africa but also Europe, the Middle East and Asia.


Total Company listing

Total shares are listed on the French stock market Euronext Paris as well as the CAC40, Total has a 12.51% part of this index. 

Ever since the introduction onto the market, Total shares have undergone strong movement fluctuations, mainly increasing in the beginning followed then by a strong downwards movement during 2005. In 2007 they started climbing again with the general worldwide oil price boom.

Since 2010 the price has continued to rise so reaching its original level.


What are the signals to follow when trading Total shares? 

Of course, Total share prices are straightforwardly linked to the oil price as it is the latter that influences demand. The stronger the demand, the higher the price of the company shares and so the higher value of this company will increase the profitability as well. 

As well as monitoring closely the oil price you should also watch all economic and political news and events that may have an effect on this commodity and also take into account the prices at the petrol pumps which differ from that of the barrel price to a greater or lesser extent. 

To summarise, Total shares are relatively easy to follow and their movements can generally be easily anticipated by investors. To learn more about this sector you can also consult our article on investing in oil.


Some advice for trading in Total shares:

Whether you decide to invest in Total shares through their integration into your stock market portfolio or you wish to speculate simply on the movements in their price, these assets can make you a lot of money if you take into account the best indicators.

Of course, it is above all important to monitor the price of crude oil to forecast the level of future demand, but be careful, a strong rise in the price of oil can lead to a drop in demand and therefore cause a decrease in the company profits.

The news and events of the energy sector are also primordial in the implementation of your stock market investment strategy relating to Total shares. Therefore, worldwide economic and political decisions that have a direct connection with the oil market will have an influence on the demand for Total shares and those too of other companies in the petroleum sector.

Finally, if you use CFDs to speculate on the price of Total shares, do not forget to take into account all the new investments of this company and its diverse sectors of activity.

Trading made easy on Total shares:

Trading in Total shares is a good way to make profits online using your own money and strategies. Also, the leverage effect offered by Forex brokers is of valuable assistance in making significant profits.