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What is a stock market agenda?

Investing in the stock markets has nowadays become child’s play as all individual investors who wish to participate can now, in only a few minutes, open an online trading account with a Forex or binary options broker or access the stock markets to speculate on the price of numerous assets.

However, to make profits by trading on the stock markets you will need to master the basics of technical analysis and fundamental analysis.

For the latter there is a tool that you should absolutely know about; the stock market agenda. But what exactly is a stock market agenda and how do you use it to make profits? This is what we shall look at here in detail.


The principle of a stock market agenda:

A stock market agenda is, as its name implies, a type of calendar, generally available weekly but sometimes monthly as well which takes into account the events that could influence the rates of the stock market assets, particularly stock market shares.

In fact, the life of a company is often subject to different economic or financial events that can influence the value and attractiveness of their stock market assets. It is therefore important to be able to foresee these events to anticipate their consequences and thereby make profits more easily.

Among the events that you can find on the stock market agenda are:

  • The accounts results: These results are monitored by the vast majority of investors and therefore exert a great influence on the asset trends.
  • The AGMs: They can initiate a major change in the company policy and therefore cause the share price to increase or decrease.
  • The launch dates of new products or services: These are often occasions to seize upon for taking position on the stock markets.
  • Finally, other events that are less potentially profitable but just as impactful may also appear on a stock market agenda.


How to use a stock market agenda to make profits:

It is relatively easy to find stock market agendas on the internet, often available free of charge through the companies themselves or specialised websites. Most binary options or Forex brokers offer their clients weekly stock market agendas that enable them to see all the important events of that week concerning the major stock market assets.

Using a stock market agenda is similar in every way to an economic calendar. You simply study the impact that previous events of this company have had on the share price to anticipate the effects of coming news.

To gain access to notifications that interest you the most and plan your position taking online do not hesitate to create your own agenda in which you can note the important dates to remember for your own strategies.


Using a stock market agenda for trading online:

As previously announced, the majority of brokers offer stock market agendas every week where you can find the events that influence the stock markets. Join one of these brokers now to trade using this agenda.