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What is the most profitable investment?

The vast majority of individuals that have savings or a capital sum put aside want to make their money grow by speculating on profitable investments.

But which type of investment is the most profitable at present?

This is a delicate question that we will seek to answer here by explaining how to make money rapidly using your savings.


Are bank investments truly profitable?

Most of the time when we wish to invest money, we naturally turn to our bank and seek professional advice from them on a profitable placement. But are our banks truly the best placed advisors to help us to really find the most profitable investment available?

Clearly there are certain advantages by passing through a bank for making investments, notably that of having a professional manage your capital in one single place, and thereby profit from certain sometimes more secure placements such as ISAs or life insurance. But of course, these investments are not always as profitable as we would like and the profits obtained, when they are guaranteed, do not generally inspire enthusiasm. It is of course possible to make a little more by trying placements that are less secure, but the risk of losing everything is still too high compared to the profit possibilities in these cases.


Online investment is what makes the most money:

To summarise, online investment is nowadays undoubtedly the method that generally makes the most profits. But what exactly is ‘online investment’? It can basically be described as speculating directly on the financial and stock markets through a trading platform by speculating on the rise or fall in the price of an asset such as shares, commodities or even currency exchange rates.

If this all seems very complicated and you know nothing about the world of finance, please take heart! Nowadays it is very simple to make profits with this trading method, using either CFDs otherwise known as Contracts for the Difference.

And to further increase your chances of making your money grow, the online brokers that place these platforms at your disposal will help you take your first steps and offer you valuable information to speculate correctly and thereby increase your profitability ratio. Certain of these brokers, such as eToro, even offer you the opportunity to simply copy the transactions of the best traders on their platform.


Why opt for online trading?

Before looking at different products and assets in which it is best to invest at present, let us first look at why online trading is more advantageous than traditional financial placements. In fact, investing your money yourself on a trading platform offers a certain number of advantages; the major ones are as follows:

  • Firstly, online investment enables you to generate rapid profits without having to wait months or years, notably due to the leverage effect available through numerous brokers.
  • Certain markets are also highly profitable as they are very volatile, as we will look at later, and are only accessible through brokers.
  • You have complete freedom in the management of your capital and can dedicate the time you wish to your investments, even parallel to another professional activity.
  • Finally, online trading has become an activity that is nowadays accessible to everyone without the need for advanced knowledge or experience.


The Forex: The Eldorado of online investment!

If you are still searching for the right type of assets or are wondering which market you should turn to for your future investments, you should know that the Forex market is generally the most profitable as well as the simplest solution to make rapid profits.  

By speculating on the exchange rate of currencies you will in fact profit from real opportunities for profits due to the high performance analytical tools and free advice available online through specialised brokers. Also, your transactions will hardly cost anything at all and you can make major profits, in only a few hours, due to the leverage effect which multiplies your profits by 100, 200 even 500 in certain cases.  


Commodities and shares: Choice trading assets!

As well as currencies, the online brokers offer you nowadays the possibility of trading on a great variety of assets. Among the most profitable at present we find commodities such as gold or oil, that offer the advantages of being easy to analyse and also highly volatile.

Only recently, CFDs have been enabling investment in stock market assets such as shares in major groups integrated in the calculation of major international indices. As with currencies you can speculate here on the rise or fall in the price of these shares and thereby make profits whatever the market conditions and the economic outlook.

Invest directly online:

As we have just noted it is possible nowadays to speculate online on stock market assets without having to use traditional financial solutions. Join here and benefit immediately from this opportunity.