Analysis of Ashtead share price

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If you are interested in the Ashtead company shares with a view to speculate online in this asset then we recommend that you first take some time to learn more about this company and read all the information you need to be able to generate your analyses of its share price. We will assist you with this task by supplying and presenting all the information you need to know in this dedicated article on the Ashtead Company including the activities of this company, how it generates its income, details on its major competitors in this market, and a summary of recent partnerships it has implemented, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of this asset. We will also explain how to create a comprehensive fundamental analysis of this asset by examining the news and events that will most impact this company’s share price.  

Elements that can influence the price of this asset:

Analysis N°1

Firstly, it is important to carefully follow the way in which demand could change from this company’s clients. For this we would examine the growth and economic health of the industrial and construction sectors in the geographical areas that Ashtead is present.

Analysis N°2

You should also take into account the sales price of equipment available for rental by the Ashtead Company. In fact, the higher the rental cost, the more advantageous the rental is as a solution for professionals which will be more likely to turn to this company for its requirements.

Analysis N°3

You will of course need to also monitor the competition in this activity sector and watch for all events and announcements as well as major publications by its principal competitors.

Analysis N°4

Finally, we would complete a comprehensive financial study of this company by scrutinising its growth in terms of turnover generated and the net results, its financial solidity with the amount of liquid capital available and its principal financial objectives for the coming years.

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General presentation of the Ashtead Company:

To advance further in your understanding of the essential elements for your analysis of the Ashtead share price we now offer you the opportunity to learn about this company and how it generates its income so you can understand its growth possibilities in the medium and long term future.

The Ashtead Group is a British company that exercises its activities in the equipment rental sector.  More precisely, this company is specialised in the rental of industrial and construction equipment.

To better understand the activities exercised by the Ashtead Group it is possible to divide them into different sectors, according to the turnover generated by each and in what way:

It is also advantageous to know the geographical distribution of this group’s revenue. In fact, Ashtead only achieves 10.6% of its turnover in the United Kingdom. The United States is its major market providing 85% of its turnover and it achieves the remaining 4.4% in Canada.


Know the competition to Ashtead’s shares:

Although a good basic knowledge of the Ashtead Company and its activities is necessary to complete full and comprehensive analyses of its share price on the stock markets, you should also be aware of the other major players in this activity sector which are therefore the major competitors of this company. This is exactly what we will reveal here in detail.


The strategic alliances implemented by the Ashtead Group:

Although the Ashtead Company has to face strong competition as explained earlier, it can also count upon sizeable allies as its strategy is based to a great extent upon its strategic partnerships. Here we provide details on two such examples:


The advantages and strong points of the Ashtead share price as a stock market asset:

To conclude this article we offer you the opportunity to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of Ashtead shares. To understand these points you need to know the strengths and weaknesses of this company that we will explain here.

Firstly, concerning the strong points of the Ashtead group we particularly note the following:


The disadvantages and weak points of Ashtead shares as a stock market asset:

Concerning the disadvantages of this asset and therefore the weak points of this company we particularly note the following:

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most recent financial results of the Ashtead Group?

The Ashtead Company recently published its financial results for the 2019 financial year. These declare a turnover for this year of 4,138 million pounds sterling with an operating profit of 1,263.6 million pounds sterling and a net income of 796.9 million pounds sterling. These results have been published directly on the official company website and can be freely consulted.

Where is the Ashtead share price quoted on the stock markets?

The Ashtead share price is currently quoted on the British stock exchange and therefore continuously updated in real time on the LSE, or London Stock Exchange. It is quoted on the Main Market sector of this major financial marketplace. This company’s share price is also included in the stock market reference Index, the British FTSE 100.

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