AstraZeneca: CHMP recommends Forxiga

  •   20/10/2020 - 11h56
  •   DEHOUI Lionel

The Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) has recommended the approval of AstraZeneca's Forxiga in the European Union. It is a medicine that is intended for the treatment of heart failure.

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AstraZeneca: CHMP recommends Forxiga
Image copyright: Gwan Kho - Flickr

A new success for AstraZeneca

Forxiga 's recommendation was made for an extension of indication for the treatment of symptomatic chronic heart failure. Notably, the one with a reduced ejection fraction found in adults testing positive or negative for type 2 diabetes.

According to the drug manufacturer's claims, heart failure is a fatal chronic disease. When it is contracted, the victim's heart is unable to pump the necessary amount of blood through the body. AstraZeneca points out that it is a disease that affects an average of 15 million people in Europe.

In addition, another drug from the pharmaceutical company has been recommended by the CHMP. This is Trixeo Aerosphere which has been designed for the treatment of moderate to severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

In general, the European Commission takes into account the recommendations of the CHMP. It is the latter which is responsible for examining applications for all the States of the Union.


Covid-19: the United States could get all of AstraZeneca-Oxford's vaccines from AstraZeneca-Oxford

The pharmaceutical group has indicated that its COVID-19 vaccine will be delivered under the principle " premier arrived, first servi ".

In this regard, U.S. President Donald Trump has instructed defence and health chiefs to do whatever is necessary to ensure that the U.S. is able to deliver the vaccine on a first-come, first-served basis.the U.S. was the first to acquire the vaccine that AstraZeneca developed in partnership with Oxford University.

When analysing this ambition of the USA, one could infer that the country intends to procure all available vaccines without reservation for Great Britain. This is probably obvious since, according to a Mirror report, AstraZeneca is reported to have stated that the vaccine doses will be supplied to the first state that gives it a safety clearance.

Indeed, a spokesman told Mirror that if the United States approves the vaccine first, then it will be the first to get it.


A challenge to Donald Trump

While Donald Trump's future in the White House will be decided by an election in November, the U.S. President has repeatedly stated that enough doses of the coronavirus vaccine will be available for every American by April. As a result, he says, distribution of the vaccine will begin within 24 hours of its approval by federal health regulators.

This will be done through the Operation Warp Speed plan, which is a multi-agency collaboration. It is led by the US Health and Human Services, which aims to accelerate the development and manufacture of medical response measures against VIDOC-19. Its goal is also to provide 300 million doses of effective vaccines by January 2021.

At the same time,England is alsohoping for 100 million doses of the vaccine. However, it could be ruled out if the United States validates the vaccine first.