AstraZeneca collaborates with Accent on cancer

  •   08/06/2020 - 11h10
  •   DEHOUI Lionel

News about the pharmaceutical group AstraZeneca is diverse in this week of June 1st. Already at the beginning of the week, the group is mentioned in a public investment operation for research, but also for order guarantees. This information was given by Handelsblatt, who based the information on various government sources such as: Rome, Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam. This Thursday's events are quite different at AstraZeneca in collaboration with Accent.

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AstraZeneca collaborates with Accent on cancer
Image copyright: Gwan Kho - Flickr

Details of the collaboration

Indeed, the AstraZeneca group continues to be interested in the progress that needs to be made in the field of health. This time, it will have to focus on a rather serious disease that affects people all over the world.

Although the world's population would have liked to have focused on the treatment of Covid-19, society will focus on the treatment of cancer. This is the focus of the new collaboration between AstraZeneca and Accent Therapetics.

In fact, he will be responsible for the discovery, development and commercialization of novel therapies with RNA-modifying proteins as targets. RNA of course means ribonucleic acid. These therapies are expected to be effective in the treatment of cancer. The pharmaceutical group AstraZeneca was quick to give details of the collaboration.


The purpose of the collaboration

According to AstraZeneca's indications, this partnership should enable the fight against various types of key disruptions to be successfully completed. It identifies the disruptions that occur in the process that can lead to cancer. In addition to these, it fingers the disturbances occurring in the process capable of triggering a certain resistance to drug molecules. Moreover, it is by far a collaboration between two groups of expertise.

This collaboration will enable AstraZeneca to showcase its leading expertise in the promotion of new medicines in the field of oncology. In addition to this, Accent's expertise known as the leader in Biology, target recognition and drug invention will be leveraged. All this for the different therapies that target MMPs. This expertise from the Accent pharmaceutical group has wrung a few words from AstraZeneca's executive vice-president.


The involvement of collaborators

First of all, it should be noted that the Vice President (Oncology R&D) of the AstraZeneca group is José Baselga. He says that his team believes that Accent's expertise in the field of Biology is complementary to its extensive portfolio. He noted that this is particularly true of the Biology of RNA-modifying proteins and Accent's knowledge of drug discovery. He is talking about his own development and research portfolio.

For its part, the Accent Group did not remain indifferent to the words of AstraZeneca's vice-president. The group made a statement through its CEO Shakti Narayan. He said that the collaboration allows the "vast expertise" of his partner to be exploited. Not only that, it also allows us to leverage the many resources of the AstraZeneca group when it comes to cancer. In addition, Accent's very rich portfolio of RMP therapeutic programs will be exploited.

Information: The combined action of these two areas of expertise will bring new drug solutions to people suffering from cancer. This could change their lives, according to Accent's CEO.