AstraZeneca in collaboration with Renalytix Al

  •   24/08/2020 - 11h25
  •   DEHOUI Lionel

The pharmaceutical group AstraZeneca has been multiplying collaborations for several weeks. Since the release of its better-than-expected second quarter results, the company has entered into several agreements. Earlier this month, it entered into a collaboration with the American manufacturer of new-generation stethoscopes, " Eko ", to develop new digital tools for the screening of cardiovascular disease. Secondly, the British pharmaceutical group AstraZeneca had to conclude another agreement with the biotech company mAbxience. This will be useful for the production of a total of 150 million doses of vaccine for countries in South America except Brazil. AstraZeneca has also entered into a contract with Brussels for vaccine doses. This Friday, the group continued on the same track by announcing a collaboration with its fellow countryman Renalytix Al.

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AstraZeneca in collaboration with Renalytix Al
Image copyright: Gwan Kho - Flickr

Partnership between two Britons for patients

It is an agreement that was unveiled this Friday, August 21, 2020. The pharmaceutical group AstraZeneca and its neighbour Renalytix Al made official their collaboration based on very precise objectives. They will collaborate in the field of precision medicine in favour of well-defined targets. According to the agreement, its beneficiaries are patients affected by chronic diseases.

While many of us are familiar with AstraZeneca, few of us really master the activities of the Renalytix Al group. Let's just note that it is a start-up company from Great Britain quite well known in the sector and especially in artificial intelligence. Furthermore, the collaboration between the two companies takes into account metabolic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disorders. But this is not the full scope of the partnership linking the two British groups.


Some details about the partnership

It must be said that the collaboration between the two British companies will initially revolve around chronic kidney failure. Keep in mind that at this very moment, renal failure is the field of predilection of Renalytix Al.

In order to carry out their collaboration, the two groups from Great Britain have jointly announced that they intend to make use of a platform. Of course, there is no question of an ordinary platform. According to both partners, this is a Renalytix in vitro diagnostic platform. They specifically noted that they will use the KidneylntelX platform.

In doing so, they aim to optimize existing treatments for the disease. In addition to this, they aim to introduce new drugs, as the total number of people suffering from chronic diseases is quite high. You only have to look at the example of kidney failure to realize this.


The extent of kidney failure and early results of the project

More than 700 million people worldwide are struggling with chronic kidney failure. It must be said at this level that the world is facing a pathology that is very often associated with other difficulties. One example of difficulties is anemia. From now on, " investisseurs, shareholders and specialists of both groups in partenariat " will have to closely monitor the progress of this project. They will simply have to be patient for a few months. The very first results from this project are expected in the first weeks of 2021.