Analysis of Berkeley Group share price

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Before starting to trade in Berkeley Group shares and deciding when is the right time to buy this asset we offer you the opportunity to learn more about this company through the following important information. In this article we will provide certain useful data and details you should know about the Berkeley Group to assist you in implementing coherent analyses and an effective strategy. You will find information relating to the activities of this company and its major sources of revenue as well as information on its principal competitors and recent partnerships. We will also explain how to achieve a comprehensive and full fundamental analysis of this asset.  

Elements that can influence the price of this asset:

Analysis N°1

Regarding the activities of the Berkeley Group, it is recommended to monitor the real estate market in the United Kingdom, notably the figures relating to demand.

Analysis N°2

The economic health of this country is also a significant indicator as it determines to a large extent the demand in commercial premises.

Analysis N°3

We would of course attentively follow the major competitors of this group as well as their major announcements, financial results and publications in the same market.

Analysis N°4

New construction sites foreseen by the Berkeley Group are also signs of the growing demand and can be interpreted as buying signals for this asset.

Analysis N°5

Finally, we would of course monitor the profitability of this group that invests heavily and therefore needs to provide a rapid turnaround and profitability in order to attract investors.

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Trade the Berkeley Group share!
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General presentation of the Berkeley Group Company:

Let us now continue with a comprehensive presentation of this company and its principal activities. By knowing the sources of revenue of the Berkeley Group you will be in a better position to understand how its position may evolve over the coming months and years.

The Berkeley Group is a British company that exercises its activities in the real estate sector. More precisely, the Berkeley Group PLC is one of the leaders in the construction industry and that of real estate in Great Britain.

It can also be beneficial to know how the turnover is achieved by this company from various sectors to better analyse this asset.

The Berkeley Group currently employs 2,664 people and exercises its activities exclusively in the United Kingdom.


Know the competition to Berkeley Group’s shares:

Let us now examine the sector in which the Berkeley Group exercises its activities. In fact, the real estate market of the United Kingdom includes several major companies that you need to learn about as they are the direct competitors to the Berkeley Group and could therefore influence its share price on the stock markets. Here are details on this company’s major competitors:


The strategic alliances implemented by the Berkeley Group:

Here you can learn more about the allies of the Berkeley Group with a precise example of a recent partnership implemented by this group:

Frequently Asked Questions

How much floating capital does the Berkeley Group have?

Knowing the floating capital of a company comes from knowing how much of its capital is traded on the stock markets and this determines the liquidity of its assets and probable volatility. Regarding the Berkeley Group, the number of shares on the market is around 120,246,753 which is equivalent to around 88% of its share capital. The group also holds 10,941,900 shares under auto control which represents 8% of its capital. The remainder is owned by individual shareholders.

Is the Berkeley Group profitable according to the latest financial results?

According to the latest financial results published by the Berkeley Group, the results of the 2019 financial year, the profitability of this group can be expressed as follows. In fact, although the group revenue achieved £2,957.4 million, the actual operating income of this company was £768.4 million and its net income was £627.4 million. We can therefore confirm that this company is profitable.

On which market can the Berkeley Group share price be found?

If you wish to follow the share price of the Berkeley Group directly online in real time then you should know that it is quoted on the LSE market, or London Stock Exchange, this is a financial marketplace in London in the UK. This asset is included in the Main Standard market which is the principal market of this stock exchange.

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Trade the Berkeley Group share!
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