Analysis of Deutsche Telekom share price

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Another stock market share that comes from the telecommunications sector, which is currently very popular with investors. This time it's about German stock Deutsche Telekom, which we'll be presenting here in detail. Through this article, you'll discover its live price, along with a complete historical technical analysis of the evolution of its price during the last ten years.  

Elements that can influence the price of this asset:

Analysis N°1

First of all, keep an eye on the evolution of demand for 4G technologies across the world as well as the developments of 5G networks and the technologies associated with them.

Analysis N°2

The strategic buyouts of smaller companies and all the investments made by the Deutsche Telekom group should of course be the subject of your attention as these have the main effect of strengthening the presence of this company in the world or of diversifying its product line.

Analysis N°3

You should also closely monitor the growth and development of telecommunications services for businesses and professionals, as Deutsche Telekom enjoys a significant presence in this segment.

Analysis N°4

The growth or rather the current global economic slowdown is a sign to watch closely given the repercussions this may have on Deutsche Telekom's business operations.

Analysis N°5

Studying the competition is also important for this fundamental analysis in view of its aggressiveness in this sector and the potential reduction in margins that it implies for the German telecoms company.

Analysis N°6

Finally, you should closely follow the various regulations put in place by governments as well as the increasingly strict directives of certain countries which prevent the good establishment of the company.

76.4% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

General presentation of Deutsche Telekom:

The Deutsche Telekom group is currently one of the world leaders in the telecommunications sector. Its services relate particularly to telecommunications services themselves with mobile and fixed telephony and data transmission via the Internet. But nearly 12% of its turnover comes from the development of information and communication systems.

Achieving most of its profits in Germany and Europe, this group also reaches the American market.

The Deutsche Telekom share price is currently listed on the Euronext Amsterdam market in the Netherlands and is included in the calculation of the EuroStoxx 50 stock market index.


Know the competition of Deutsche Telekom shares:

Deutsche Telekom is a German telecommunications operator which is positioned among the leaders in this sector worldwide. However, it is interesting to know who your main competitors are before you start trading your stock.


The strategic alliances set up by the Deutsche Telekom group:


The advantages and strengths of Deutsche Telekom shares as a stock market asset:

First, the Deutsche Telekom group has a very large customer base in the field of mobile communication. Thanks to this basis, the group is able to market other types of products and services without having to recruit new users and customers. This of course represents a very interesting development opportunity.

We also know that mobile Internet services are currently booming in Europe. This specificity is another strong point for Deutsche Telekom, which carries out its main activities in this field and should therefore take advantage of it to increase its profits.

From a geographical point of view, the Deutsche Telekom group also has a very good distribution of its activities throughout the world. The company offers its services and products in more than fifty countries, mainly Germany of course, but also the United States, Asia and other parts of the world. This protects the group from the hazards of the single national market.

Owning the T-Mobile brand also gives Deutsche Telekom a strong brand image throughout Germany and the surrounding countries. This has allowed it to become increasingly known among young clientele and therefore ensure a significant renewal of its client portfolio.

The diversity of the offers offered by Deutsche Telekom at the present time is also appreciated, especially with presence in mobile telephony, terrestrial telephony and digital television services. This diversity once again protects the company from the risks associated with a single sector.

Finally, the analysts of this value also appreciate the efforts made by the company aimed at winning new customers, particularly with significant investments in communications. Deutsche Telekom broadcasts various advertisements via TVCs, print advertisements, online advertisements or its sponsorship offers.


Drawbacks and weak points of Deutsche Telekom shares as a stock market asset:

First of all, the competition in this sector of activity is one of the main weak points of the Deutsche Telekom group. The group has many large adversaries, whether in Germany or in Europe, which makes it more complicated for the company to conquer new market shares.

Finally, although, as we've seen above, Deutsche Telekom is able to establish itself in various countries around the world, its infiltration into international markets remains more complicated than for other major brands in this sector. This is of course another weak point for the company, which has little chance of gaining larger market shares outside the German national market.

Although these weaknesses are much less numerous than the qualities of the Deutsche Telekom group, it should be taken into account when setting up your trading strategies.

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