IPSEN posts fairly interesting annual results

  •   11/02/2021 - 14h04
  •   DEHOUI Lionel

The coronavirus health crisis has impacted the economic activities of several companies in 2020. However, despite this situation, some companies have been able to make salutary progress. This is the case of the French laboratory Ipsen, which presented solid annual results. The biopharmaceutical group in particular recorded growth in sales.

IPSEN posts fairly interesting annual results

Summary of Ipsen's annual results

In a particular context marked by the health crisis, Ipsen managed to achieve very good annual results. After the publication of these results, it recorded a 1.4% increase to 76.65 euros. 76.65. The strong performance achieved by the French laboratory was driven by sales growth and a marked improvement in its margin.

The Group's net income rose by 8.4% to 610.5 million euros. 610.5 million. Operating income from the businesses also rose 6% to 829.3 million. This performance was driven on the one hand by revenue growth and on the other hand by cost savings.

The Ipsen pharmaceutical company recorded consolidated sales growth of 3% at constant exchange rates. Consolidated sales amounted to 2.5916 billion euros. On the other hand, the operating margin of the activities also grew, reaching 32%, an increase of 1.6 points compared to 2019.


Growth in sales

Ipsen's solid annual results are partly supported by growth in sales in various sectors. For example, in the Specialty Medicine division, sales rose sharply by 5.9%. They are valued at around 2.3811 billion euros.

2.3811 billion. This performance was helped by the strong growth of Somatuline (lanreotide) and Cabometyx. For their part, sales in Family Health declined by 21.3% to 210.6 million euros. 210.6 million. They were mainly affected by a reduction in sales of Smecta (diosmectite) impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition, the French laboratory plans to pay a stable dividend of one euro per share. As for its outlook for 2021, the company is counting on sales growth in excess of 4% at constant exchange rates. As a result, it expects to achieve an operating margin for the business above 30% of sales.


More about Ipsen

Founded in 1929, Ipsen is a French biopharmaceutical group whose field of activity is the pharmaceutical industry. It is recognized as the 3rd French laboratory specialized in peptides and toxins. Its turnover of €2.6 billion is split between specialty medicine, which accounts for 89% and family health, which accounts for the remaining 11%.

The company reports a strong international presence. It operates within the European Union and the rest of Europe. The biopharmaceutical group is also present in North America and the rest of the world.

In addition, Ipsen adopts a business model that enables it to become a leader in the treatment of disabling diseases through the creation of innovative products in oncology, neurosciences, etc. The group also plans to treat rare diseases with the great ambition of bringing one drug to market each year.