Analysis of Novo Nordisk share price

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Are you planning to buy Novo Nordisk shares or trade in its share price in the not too distant future? In this case we recommend you first learn about all the factors that could assist you in implementing an effective and pertinent analysis for this asset. In this article you will find information and explanations on the exact activities of this company, its principal competitors on this market and recent partnerships as well as its advantages and disadvantages. We will also explain how to implement a comprehensive fundamental analysis of this asset with the indicators you should follow in the news and events.  

Elements that can influence the price of this asset:

Analysis N°1

We would particularly monitor the increase in diabetes as well as other chronic illnesses notably due to urbanisation and the increase in the average human life span.

Analysis N°2

The growth in the biosimilars market should also be carefully monitored as it could represent growth opportunities for this company.

Analysis N°3

Any significant changes in the health and wellbeing sectors are also factors that should be carefully followed.

Analysis N°4

We would also closely follow the rise in public debt of the European countries that could weigh heavily upon the refund reforms of certain health divisions and therefore influence the activities of the Novo Nordisk Company.

Analysis N°5

Any changes to the health and safety regulations and standards fixed and implemented by the governments could also exert a significant influence on the growth of this company’s activities.

Analysis N°6

Finally, we would of course also carefully monitor the direct competitors of Novo Nordisk as well as any partnerships that this group implements, sometimes with certain adversaries.

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General presentation of the Novo Nordisk Company:

Still with the objective of increasing your knowledge about Novo Nordisk we will now present information about this company with details pertaining to its activities and sources of revenue that will assist you in better understanding the challenges it faces and its possibilities for growth.

Novo Nordisk is a Danish company specialised in the creation, production and sale of pharmaceutical products. To better understand its activities we can divide them into a number of sectors according to the turnover they generate and how they do so:

It can also be advantageous to know the geographical distribution of this company’s income. In fact, 19.1% of its revenue is currently generated in Europe, 47.1% in the United States, 2.5% in North America, 11.5% in Africa, the Middle East and Oceania,  10.5% in China, 5.3% in Japan and Korea and 4% in Latin America.


Know the competition to Novo Nordisk shares:

We shall now pass on to a study of the Novo Nordisk Company relating to its principal competitors on the market.  Here are details on the major direct competitors to the Eli Lilly Group, four in number at present:


The strategic alliances implemented by the Novo Nordisk Group:

Of course, the Novo Nordisk Group does not only have adversaries, it also has a number of allies such as the following two examples of partnerships that the company recently signed:


The factors in favour of a rise in the Novo Nordisk share price:

Before deciding which strategy to adopt for Novo Nordisk shares read the following information on the advantages and disadvantages of this company.

We shall start with the advantages of this group with the following examples:


The factors in favour of a drop in the share price of Novo Nordisk:

Let us now pass on to the disadvantages of this asset and detail a few weak points of this company:

Frequently Asked Questions

How to anticipate movements in the Novo Nordisk share price?

To anticipate the future movements in the share price of Novo Nordisk it is best to complete several types of analyses. In fact you will need to create both a technical analysis based on a study of the historical charts with trend and volatility indicators and a fundamental analysis which will take into account the exterior factors that could exert an influence on this share price.

Where and how to complete a financial analysis of Novo Nordisk?

A financial analysis is also one of the analyses that you should complete before speculating on the Novo Nordisk share price. To complete this analysis you will of course need to have a thorough knowledge of its annual and quarterly financial results that you can find on this company’s official website and compare them to those predicted by the analysts and the market. To do so you can use the financial ratios to determine the true value of this group and its possibilities for growth on the market.

How to invest in the Novo Nordisk share price?

If you are interested in Novo Nordisk shares and wish to invest in these assets then several different possibilities are open to you.  You can choose to buy these shares outright and add them to your portfolio of assets or you can opt for trading in them online through a trading platform specialised in CFDs.  

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Trade the Novo Nordisk share!
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