Analysis of Prysmian share price

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Among the European company’s shares which you can find on the online share market , those of Italian companies are particularly popular with investors. We decided to tell you more about the Prysmian share here. You'll discover information about the group and its activities, but also historical data from the technical analysis of its stock price, to help you develop your own strategies.  

Elements that can influence the price of this asset:

Analysis N°1

First of all, the electricity and the telecommunications market in Italy along with the rest of Europe are to be monitored very closely as Prysmian's activities depend largely on their financial health and demand level.

Analysis N°2

The development of fibre optics is also an interesting element to analyse because it represents an additional profit opportunity for Prysmian.

Analysis N°3

Closely monitoring the group's news on establishing strategic partnerships and alliances allowing it to develop its profitability is also important.

Analysis N°4

Finally, paying attention to the operations carried out by Prysmian aimed at expanding its activities from a geographic point of view, notably by reaching new countries close to Italy or in the rest of Europe.

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General presentation of Prysmian:

The Prysmian group is a company specializing in the design, production, sale and installation of cables and cabling systems. More specifically, most of its turnover is made by electric cables and wiring systems, and another part, by telecom cables and wiring systems.

With over 90 production sites around the world, this group reaches the Italian market, along with the European, North African, North American, Asian and Latin American markets.


Knowing Prysmian shares competition:

The Prysmian group is still number one worldwide in the cabling sector. As a result, its market shares are highly coveted by other large companies in this field of activity. So it's essential to closely monitor this sector and its major players if you plan to invest part of your capital in the Prysmian share price. To do so, here's the list of the current main competitors of Prysmian, classified by level of average annual turnover.


The strategic alliances set up by the Prysmian group:

In recent years, the Prysmian group has not really created many strategic partnerships, its reputation is more than enough to win contracts around the world.

One thing should be noted, the strategic takeover of Draka, a Dutch cabling company in 2010, which enabled Prysmian to overtake Nexans and place itself at the head of this sector of activity on a global level.

It is possible that Prysmian soon establish other strategic alliances and we therefore advise you to closely monitor its economic and financial news.


Introduction and stock quote of the Prysmian share:

The Prysmian share price is currently listed on the Borsa Italiana MTA market in Italy. It's also included in the calculation of the EuroStoxx 50 stock market index.


Stock market data

Some of the information you've just discovered in this file has enabled you familiarize yourself with the precise and detailed activities of the Prysmian company as well as the historical technical analysis of the share price on the stock market. You can now base your strategies on the knowledge of this fundamental and historical data. It is however prudent to get acquainted with other information a little more general but equally important that can find here, with in particular, the figures concerning the stock price and the capitalization of the company and its position on the international stock market.


Economic History

Before starting to analyze the history of Prysmian's share price, you should of course be aware of the events that have marked the history of this company and that have influenced the share price. Here is a summary of the history of Prysmian with the most important dates.

First of all, let's remember that Prysmian was originally a subsidiary of the Pirelli Group. It was in 1879 that Pirelli and its Cavi e sistemi division was created. In 1886, the first plant specializing in the production of submarine cables was created and named Spezia. Pirelli also created a telegraphic link across the Red Sea. In 1902, the Spanish subsidiary was launched with the commissioning of a cable manufacturing plant for Pirelli, then in 1914 another subsidiary was created in Great Britain and another production site was commissioned. Later, other centres and subsidiaries were set up in Argentina and Brazil and in the United States with a subsidiary launched in 1925 following the installation of the first underwater telegraph link across the Atlantic, 5,150 km long, linking the USA to Italy. Several other electrical links will then see the light of day to New York and Chicago. In the early 1930s, Pirelli created a link between Brazil and North Africa and a factory was also set up in Canada to produce high-power underground power cables for the Canadian market.

In the 1950s, Pirelli was entrusted by the Italian government with the inter-city TV cabling for the entire country and the creation of a telephone link between Italy and Brazil. Later, in the 1970s, the subsidiary Pirelli Cavi bought out its competitor CEAT Cavi, which specialized in the production of extra-high voltage power cables.

In 1982, the Pirelli Cavi subsidiary became the first fibre optic cable production company in the world.

The end of the 20th century was marked by a number of major acquisitions by this company, which took over Siemens AG Kabel in Germany, BICC and Metal Manufacturers Ltd in Great Britain and two Japanese companies in the NFK group.

At the beginning of the 2000s, this subsidiary enjoyed real success with the explosion of the fibre optic cabling sector worldwide, thanks in particular to the growth of the IT sector.

In 2005 the Pirelli Group finally divested itself of its cable production subsidiary to concentrate its activities in the tyre and telephony sectors with the takeover of Telecom Italia. It was then that Prysmian, one of the companies managed by Goldman Sachs, bought Pirelli Cavi e sitemi from Pirelli. The shares will then be sold to a group of investors for 20% and the rest will be distributed to the public. This subsidiary is then renamed Prysmian Cables & Systems. In 2007, this subsidiary goes public and is listed for the first time on the Milan financial market. In the same year, it was included in the S&P MIB stock market index. Prysmian remains number one in its sector and in 2010 it was selected to work on the Canadian project FORCE, or Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy, which is none other than the largest project in the world in terms of energy production through ocean currents.

In 2010, Prysmian announces that he has signed a written agreement for the acquisition of the Dutch company Draka. This takeover bid will finally be launched in 2011.

More recently, in 2017, Prysmian acquired the General Cable company for 3 billion dollars.

Of course, you should also follow future events that may have an impact on this share.


The factors in favour of a rise in the Prysmian share price:


The factors in favour of a drop in the Prysmian share price:

Against these numerous arguments in favour of a rise in the Prysmian share price we do of course find a number of negative factors concerning the growth possibilities of this asset that could lead to a reversal in the rising trend.

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Trade the Prysmian share!
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