Analysis of Saipem share price

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In the financial world certain activity sectors are particularly sought after by investors such as the industrial sector and that of energy. Maybe you too have considered speculating directly in shares issued by companies in these sectors such as those issued by Saipem, a specialist in crude oil engineering? To do so we offer you the opportunity to read some practical and useful information to establish a technical analysis of its share price.  

Elements that can influence the price of this asset:

Analysis N°1

Firstly, due to its specific activities we would closely follow the fuel commodities market, notably that of gas and crude oil, and any movements in the prices of these two assets.

Analysis N°2

We would also monitor the general economic and financial health of this industrial sector in the more developed countries as well as emerging countries.

Analysis N°3

Any new exploration or production sites, either planned or implemented by Saipem would also be advantageous indicators to use in your analyses.

Analysis N°4

Of course, we would also follow the news and publications of this group’s competitors that could directly influence this company’s share price.

Analysis N°5

Finally, we would also monitor the implementation of partnerships and the creation of joint ventures by Saipem, notably those on an international level, in order to promote its growth.

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General presentation of the Saipem Company:

The Saipem Group is an Italian industrial group whose specialty lies in engineering and construction services for the oil and gas industry. Of course the amount achieved through each type of activity regarding the proportion of this company’s turnover varies.

Saipem achieves the vast majority of its profits through engineering services as well as those of construction and installation in the petroleum and gas industry with mainly the offshore services such as underwater piping and oil platforms, only 34% is achieved through onshore services including piping in hostile environments, hydrocarbon production units, drilling rigs and refineries.

The drilling services of Saipem, onshore and offshore, represent nearly 14.8% of this company’s turnover.

Of course, Saipem achieves the vast majority of its turnover internationally.


Know the competition to Saipem shares:

Saipem is a subsidiary of the Italian ENI group and is specialised in the search, development and drilling for crude oil. It is one of the major players in the European oil sector. However, Saipem is also faced with major competition in Europe from various sized other companies. Here are the major current competitors of the Saipem Company:


Strategic alliances implemented by the Saipem Group:

Here are details of recent partnerships implemented by the Saipem Group.


Economical history

To be able to better understand the historical charts of the Saipem share price it is essential to collect and combine data issuing from a technical analysis with that of a fundamental analysis. Therefore, to assist you we have gathered here the major historical economic and financial events of this company over the past few decades.


Factors in favour of a rise in the Saipem share price:

To be able to understand what could create interest and enthusiasm from investors for Saipem shares and to better evaluate the true worth of this asset it is of course absolutely necessary to know the company’s advantages and disadvantages.  This is why we now offer you the opportunity to learn more in detail about the current strong points of this group as well as its major disadvantages. This will also enable you to better understand the challenges it faces from its competition and the future factors that could influence movements in its share price on the stock markets. 

Let us commence this comparative analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the Saipem share price with a recapitulative of the principal advantages currently enjoyed by the Saipem Group which could make it attractive to investors: 


Arguments in favour of a drop in the Saipem share price:

As we have just examined, the Saipem Group has a number of advantages that could promote this company’s popularity in the trading world. But it is important not to simply dwell on its advantages, the Saipem Company also has a number of weak points that we shall examine now that could weigh upon its future growth and its share price movements on the stock markets.  

As we have explained, the weak points of the Saipem Company are also numerous and this is why you need to study them carefully and take them into account for your analyses of this asset. Also, the information provided here is only an indication of this company’s affairs, for informational purposes only, and should not be used alone without completing a comprehensive and up to date fundamental analysis of this asset and in particular taking into account the exterior data such as forthcoming publications and announcements and all fundamental events and news that could affect or accentuate the strengths or weaknesses of this company.

Frequently Asked Questions

In which activity sector does the Saipem Company operate?

The Saipem Group is specialised in the EPIC sector (Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Commissioning) as well as the EPC sector (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) serving the petroleum industry onshore and offshore and particularly concentrates on more complex or technical  projects such as in the deserts, deep water or those operating in areas that are difficult to access. 

Is the Saipem Company included in the FTSE MIB stock market index?

Of course, as we have already stated in this article, the Saipem Company is included in the calculation of the FTSE MIB stock market index. It can therefore be easily deduced that this company is one of the largest Italian companies. In fact it should be remembered that the FTSE MIB, or Milano Italia Borsa, also known as the S&P/MIB up to June 2009, is the principal stock market index of the Italian stock markets and it is comprised of the 40 largest Italian companies on the stock markets. 

Where can you find the Saipem share price?

The Saipem share price can be consulted online from the majority of reputable CFD trading platforms on the market or through the websites of these online brokers. It is also possible to follow its price in real time from certain stock market websites and those specialised in information on the financial markets. Of course you can also find information including the current stock market share price on this company’s official website as well as other financial information available for the shareholders and investors.

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