Sanofi records a slight increase and an analyst confirms his advice

  •   15/06/2020 - 11h47
  •   DEHOUI Lionel

Since Thursday, the news is focused on the events taking place at the French laboratory Sanofi. The group reported on new indication prospects for its product Dupixent, a monoclonal antibody. The manufacture of the latter is in accordance with the terms of Sanofi's partnership with Regeneron Biotech of the United States. Its use is necessary for the effective treatment of asthma and severe atopic dermatitis, the company said Thursday. Like the pharmaceutical groups AstraZeneca and Novartis, Sanofi was in the news on Friday. Indeed, the Sanofi share realized a slight rise on May 12 while the analysis office Credit Suisse confirmed its advice to buy. In the morning of the same day, the office had given this confirmation on the value and in relation to its objective of 105 E. Note: The Sanofi Group was in the news this Friday due to several factors that it deemed appropriate to notify. These are the expected improvement in yields and the current low valuation. Credit Suisse noted in passing that Sanofi's new management is better concentrating marketing and R&D resources.

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Sanofi records a slight increase and an analyst confirms his advice
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Product Efficacy and Office Analysis

In addition, it should be noted that the Sanofi group has already organised its event focusing on Dupixent, the third in a list of 4 events. Its CEO had not failed to mention the effectiveness of this product. According to the CEO/Sanofi, Dupixent is already demonstrating its efficiency and in an excellent way while ensuring safety. It is possible that this product will maintain its level of care.

On the other hand, the analysis office Credit Suisse estimated this Friday that the laboratory is confident about its potential. Indeed, the group has the capacity to remain a leader in atopic dermatitis (AD). The same is true for other type 2 inflammatory diseases. It is clear that these various points raised by the office were based on statements made by the head of R&D/Sanofi Dr. John Reed.


Sanofi's press release on Dupixent on Thursday

The Doctor had said the day before that the drug has enormous potential to treat a multitude of diseases. In these treatments, type 2 inflammation has a role to play. John Reed had pointed out that it was because of basic diseases such as asthma and dermatitis that Dupixent was first approved. He added that the laboratory would continue to evaluate additional indications, including the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) sub-category.

According to the group, the presentation of Dupixent's growth strategy and development will be made by several of the laboratory managers. This presentation will be made through a cycle of 5 sessions dedicated to the evolution of Sanofi's R&D portfolio. In addition, there was other news in this sector on Friday. This is the approach taken by the European Governors in giving a negotiating mandate to the European Commission.

Information: The announcement came from Stella Kyriakides, European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety. The Commission has therefore been instructed by the Governors concerned to negotiate pre-orders for the likely covid-19 vaccines. The Commissioner had also encouraged European countries to abandon individual initiatives.