Analysis of Siemens share price for trading

If you are even slightly interested in technology, and high technology in general then you undoubtedly know of the Siemens brand, a name that can be found on a multitude of objects nowadays. But did you know that you can trade in shares of this company on the stock markets and even acquire shares in order to invest in the Siemens Company. This is available through the majority of online banks that offer investment placement products to their clients, as well as online brokers that offer the opportunity for trading in shares using CFDs and other contracts.  

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General presentation of the Siemens Company:

The Siemens Company is an international group, although German in origin, that is specialised in the high technology sector. Its activities cover a number of sectors, specifically those of industry, energy and health, broken down as follows:

  • The industrial sector represents the largest part of this company’s activities; this includes automation, water treatment, metallurgical equipment, building technologies, and lighting and transport systems among other things.
  • Then we have the energy sector, including fossil fuels, renewable energies, the transmission and distribution of energy and other associated services.
  • Finally, the health sector has grown exponentially over the last few years concerning medical imagery, hospital IT systems, laboratory diagnosis and auditory prostheses.


The major competitors of Siemens:

Due to its activities that concern numerous different sectors such as new technology devices, transport, and even medical imagery, Siemens has various competitors throughout the world. To assist you in better ascertaining future movements of its share price on the stock markets it is therefore necessary to follow the current events of its major competitors. Here therefore are the major competitors of the Siemens Company:

  • General Electric: This group is one of Siemens major competitors as it also has various activity sectors. It is innovative in the aeronautical engine sector, the construction of nuclear plants, the manufacture of medical imagery devices, camera design, and lighting as well as DVDs and TV broadcasting channels.  
  • Philips: The Philips Company is the historical competitor of Siemens in the domain of household products such as personal high tech and electric appliances. However it is also competitive to Siemens in other sectors such as health, lighting systems for professionals and individuals, and many others.
  • Alstom: To conclude, Alstom is a French competitor that threatens Siemens position in the transport sector, notably rail and the production of electric turbines.


The major partners of Siemens:

Siemens has also implemented diverse partnerships over time with large companies some of which exercise activities in similar sectors. Here are its major partners:

  • Valeo with whom it created a joint venture in the sector of electric propulsion systems in 2016.
  • CapGemini who forged a partnership with Siemens in 2016 to develop a platform for the development of new generation buildings energy solutions.
  • Other partnerships with companies such as Redbull for major sporting events.


The introduction and quotation of Siemens shares:

The initial public offering on the stock markets of Siemens Company shares was in 2002 on the Euronext market. They are now also quoted on the BAYX 30 Index. On its initial introduction, Siemens shares were quoted at around €50. Their value started to lose points and fell to €30 but then rebounded until reaching €158 between 2006 and 2007.

Due to the economic crisis, shares in the Siemens Company then fell to a low price of around €40 in 2007 before rising towards €140 in 2011 and then followed a downwards trend up to now.


Some advice for trading in Siemens shares:

As you probably know, Siemens shares are directly linked to the high technologies sector. An increase in points of these assets is often linked to the creation of a new product or innovative design and therefore major investments on the part of the issuing company. Siemens shares have the particularity of showing a very high volatility with well defined movements which facilitates the taking of positions over the long term.

Using this system you can therefore take position, whatever the trend, even on a fall in the share price.


Important stock market data to know about Siemens shares:

To invest intelligently in Siemens shares it is of course necessary to know about the activities of the company as well as the historical movements of its share price over recent years. But it is also essential to know other more general stock market information such as the following:

  • The Siemens Company had a stock market share capital of nearly 108,885 million Euros at the beginning of 2017.
  • The Siemens Company share price is quoted on the Prime Standard market of the Deutsche Boerse AG stock market in Germany.
  • The Siemens Company share price is also included in the calculation of the national German stock exchange index, the DAX 30.
  • Shareholdings are as follows: 64% among institutional investors, 20% among private investors, 10% floating and 6% by Siemens family members.


The different departments of the Siemens Group:

The Siemens Group operates through different departments that relate to various sectors such as the following:

  • Industry, with automation, training, services, water treatment, large scale mechanics and software.
  • Energy with fossil fuels, renewable energy, petrol and gas, energy transmission and related services.
  • Health, with medical imagery, radiotherapy (scanner, IRM, echography, radiology, digital radiology, nuclear medicine, image distribution, coronary angiography and interventional radiology), laboratory diagnostics (automated medical analyses and reactive biological analyses) and auditory prosthetics.
  • Infrastructures with building construction technology such as energy efficiency, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and fire detection as well as lighting, transport systems (underground rail, self propelled trains, high speed trains, Maglev trains, and security systems) and energy distribution.
  • Siemens also has a 50% holding in electric appliances with Bosch Siemens Hausgerate and 15% of SSII Atos Origin.


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Trading in Siemens shares for everyone:

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66% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work, and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.