Analysis of Tullow Oil share price

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To start speculating on the Tullow Oil share price, you must know the company and its direct economic environment well as well as the elements that will influence the evolution of its share price. This article is aimed at revealing all the information you’ll need to develop your investment strategies as well as advice for your fundamental analysis of this stock. For example, you'll find details on the activities of the company and its main sources of income, a complete presentation of its competitors in the market and its recent partnerships.  

Elements that can influence the price of this asset:

Analysis N°1

You should follow the evolution of energy needs in the world and over time with the growth of certain industries in particular along with the use of other types of energy.

Analysis N°2

The fossil fuel market is also to be watched with the evolution of the price of a barrel of oil and gas which will influence the profitability of this group.

Analysis N°3

The development of Tullow Oil's activities in certain segments and certain geographic sectors such as Africa are all growth opportunities to follow.

Analysis N°4

The price of the EUR / USD parity should be followed in the same way which will have an influence on the profitability of this company.

Analysis N°5

Geopolitical unrest, especially in the Middle East, often has a lot of effect on the oil market so this kind of news should therefore be follow carefully.

Analysis N°6

Finally, you should also follow the evolution of refining activities in Europe which tend to decrease over time and may weigh on the profits of this group.

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General presentation of Tullow Oil:

Learn a little more about Tullow Oil. By learning what the main activities and segments that generate income for this company are, you'll have an easier time understanding its future challenges and its possibilities for growth and development.

Tullow Oil is a British company specializing in the oil and gas sector. More specifically, the company specializes in the exploration, production and sale of oil and gas.

To better understand the activities of the group, it's possible to distribute them by geographic sector according to the turnover share generated like this:


Knowing Tullow Oil shares competition:

After having discovered complete and detailed activities of the Tullow Oil Company, check out its main competitors in the market. Here are in fact the largest oil and gas companies in the world that directly compete with this British company.


The strategic alliances set up by the Tullow Oil group:

After having toured the main competitors of Tullow Oil in its sector of activity, take a closer look at its strategic allies. We are going to talk about some concrete examples of partnerships implemented by the group.



In order to better understand how the Tullow Oil share can evolve over the long term, it's important to understand the major strengths and weaknesses of this company. This is what we suggest you do with you here.

Regarding the advantages of this share and therefore the strengths available to the Tullow Oil group, the following elements should be noted in particular:

Of course, the company doesn't just have strengths but weaknesses too, which you can find here in more detail.

Comparing these strengths and weaknesses will give you some insight into how the Tullow Oil stock may be viewed by investors and therefore its most likely long-term fund trends.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was the Tullow Oil Company established?

The Tullow Oil Company was established in 1985 in Ireland by Aidan Heavy as a gas exploration company in Senegal. Its first listing on the London stock market took place in 1987. The company has grown quickly particularly recently through the acquisition of Hardman Resources in January 2007 and a capital increase of $ 565 million in 2009.

Where can you follow Tullow Oil news and results?

If you want to carry out a decent Tullow Oil share price analysis, you are going to need reliable, up-to-date data about the company. To obtain this information, you can go directly to the company website, in the investors section. You'll find the group's financial results as well as important news from an economic point of view.

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Trade Tullow Oil shares!
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