Values to be followed on the European market

  •   13/05/2020 - 10h49
  •   DEHOUI Lionel

The business world almost never stands still. There are always announcements, publications of results, general meetings rich in decisions, companies buying shares, etc. The list goes on and on almost every week. Shareholders are always vigilant, and investors, for their part, seek to make profitable investments. But this week could be the same as the previous ones, or it could be different.

Values to be followed on the European market
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Renault and Air France-KLM

Indeed, a case may well have some twists and turns this week in Sandouville (Seine-Maritime). This is the case concerning the Renault car group whose production was suspended by a court decision last week. On Saturday, the CGT's stance was called irresponsible by Mr Laurent Berger. It must be said that the latter is the secretary general in office at the CFDT.

Therefore, the eyes will have to turn to the Air France-KLM publications which announced last Saturday, a control as of May 11. For those of you who remember, the group intends to control the temperature of its passengers on departure of all its flights from this Monday onwards. Its objective is thus clear at this beginning of deconfinement: to limit the spread of Covid-19. But the airline is not the only one waiting.



This week promises to be less rich in statistical content, but it starts with some interesting and surprising announcements. Just go to LAFARGEHOLCIM to see it. The latter announced on Monday that its plan to sell shares in the Philippines has failed. The group points out that the activities concerned by this sale were valued at 2.15 billion dollars. The failure was due to the delay in the approval of the local competition authorities.


The Goldman Sachs Group

When it comes to the values to be followed during this week, it is clear that expectations cannot stop with this little information. This first day of the recovery week in France was marked by an announcement from the Goldman Sachs group. The latter declared the lowering of its recommendation to " vendre " against " neutre ". It is followed by Henkel Group publications.


The Henkel group's announcements

The HENKEL group is not doing so well on this Monday, May 11th. This is at least what can be seen from the figures produced by the latter. Hold for example, its turnover is down by 0.8% according to their balance sheet communicated. It should be remembered that it is a powerful manufacturer of consumer products throughout the world. It has recorded growth in its sales of household cleaning products.

This is an increase in sales of laundry detergents. But at the same time, HENKEL recorded a significant drop in sales of adhesives and beauty care. This logically counterbalanced the excellent result achieved on the sales of detergents and cleaning products.


Future actions for Tourism

The health crisis caused by the Covid-19 has led to the cancellation of trips and border restrictions. In order to facilitate travel, European states will have to lift some restrictions. But they should also give vouchers to be offered in exchange for cancelled trips.

These have been seen by Reuters and are listed in a document called " L 'Europe needs a pause ". Its publication should not be long in coming as the European Commission is keen to save the summer tourist season in part.