Analysis of Alcon share price

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If you are planning to start trading the Alcon share price online, we suggest helping you set up your various analyzes of this stock. Through this article dedicated to this value, we will bring you all the knowledge necessary for the realization of your analyzes of its course as a complete and detailed presentation of this company and its main sources of income, a presentation of its direct competitors in the market or from its most important partners. In another section, we will also explain how to successfully complete your fundamental analysis of this title with the study of good publications and news.  

Elements that can influence the price of this asset:

Analysis N°1

In particular, we will keep an eye on the development of new products by Alcon and, as such, on its investments in research and development and on obtaining legal marketing authorizations.

Analysis N°2

Of course, we will follow the competition in this sector of activity with interest and we will note in particular the evolution of the market shares of each of its major players or the release of new products and the arrival of new competitors. The data concerning the development of products in direct competition with Alcon products are particularly to be followed very closely as part of this analysis.

Analysis N°3

Strategic operations such as partnerships, disposals or acquisitions of subsidiaries are also key elements of fundamental analysis and must be known to traders.

Analysis N°4

The group communicates fairly regularly about its growth strategy and its development plans. These data are particularly interesting if you want to assess the group's ability to keep its commitments and therefore its seriousness with regard to investors.

Analysis N°5

Finally, we can of course consult the evolution of the turnover and profits of the company with the annual and quarterly results or even the evolution of the dividend of this action over time

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General presentation of the Alcon company:

As an investor, you must also have a perfect knowledge of Alcon and its specificities before you start trading in this security. This requires in particular a good knowledge of the main products marketed by this company and its main sources of income.

The Alcon group is a Swiss company which operates in the pharmaceutical sector. More specifically, this company is currently the world leader in the design, production and sale of eye care products.

To better understand the activities of this company, we can divide them into different categories according to the share of turnover they generate and in this way:

Currently, the Alcon group owns and operates 18 different production sites around the world.

From a geographic point of view, Alcon achieves only 0.8% of its turnover in Switzerland. Its largest market is the American market with 41.5% of turnover. Next comes Japan with 8.9% of turnover and the rest of the world for 48.8%.


Knowing the Alcon shares' competition:

Now let's find out who are Alcon's most important competitors in its industry with the most profitable companies in this segment:


The strategic alliances set up by the Alcon group:

The Alcon group has also based its growth strategy on the implementation of various partnerships with large companies. We therefore invite you to discover two concrete examples of this type of alliance, to help you understand its importance as part of your strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

When did Alcon become a company independent of Novartis?

It was in 2019 that Alcon resumed its independence from Novartis, of which it was previously a subsidiary. Following this separation from its parent company, it thus benefited from an independent stock exchange listing. From that moment, Alcon's shares were available on the SIX Swiss Exchange market, but also on the NYSE market in New York under the acronym ALC.

How to predict the evolution of the Alcon share price?

A good anticipation of future movements in the Alcon share price requires above all a quality technical analysis using the indicators available on the stock charts, but also a complete fundamental analysis and therefore taking into account all publications and news from this company and its sector of activity.

Is it possible to trade Alcon shares directly online?

If you do not want to buy Alcon securities directly, know that you can speculate directly on the price fluctuations of this share thanks to CFD contracts or contracts on the difference. These contracts are indeed accessible to you from a simple online trading platform provided by a broker.

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Trade Alcon shares!
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