Best german stocks to buy and sell

Find our complete and detailed fact sheets about the main stocks in the German stock market and tips on how to trade their prices.

Trade German shares!
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Best german stocks to buy and sell

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The German stock market is probably one of the most interesting because it includes many highly profitable stocks. But it is still difficult to choose which securities to invest in when using derivatives such as CFDs, in order to make maximum profits (it is also the responsibility of any losses). To help you do this, we have decided to present you here the best German stocks, selected according to specific online trading criteria. First of all, here are some explanations.


How to select the best German stocks:

Before selecting the best German stocks, we first took care to study only the stocks that included the calculation of the main German stock index, the DAX 30, for the simple reason that the stock market shares you will find at CFD brokers are mainly those listed on the major stock exchanges and grouped on these indices.

In addition, we have not taken into account the dividend yield of equities because this is not the data we are interested in in the context of online speculation. Indeed, it is the evolution of the value of the share on the market that interests us here, since it is both volatility and price spreads that will allow us to make profits online.


How to trade the best German stocks:

To start trading the best German stocks, we recommend that you open your trading account with a quality CFD broker. You will have access to all the most profitable stocks on the German market.


Investing in Frankfurt Stock Exchange shares:

To invest in the best German stocks of the moment, it is first and foremost essential to know the stock market on which their price is trading. All German shares are now listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. This financial centre, which is the only national stock exchange in Germany, is located in Frankfurt am Main. It is also an old stock exchange since it was launched in 1820 to strengthen this city considered as a strong financial centre for the country.

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is now closely followed by investors from all over the world looking for the best German stocks to invest in. Indeed, this stock exchange has become the very reflection of Germany's economic health and has some of the most volatile and therefore most sought-after European stocks. Nowadays, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange has become the largest trading market in Germany. It accounts for more than 85% of national exchanges, but also more than 35% of exchanges in European stocks. Of course, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is also one of the most important stock exchanges in the world. Few people know it, but this stock exchange is currently the third largest in the world, the first being New York in the United States and the second the Tokyo Stock Exchange in Japan.

If you ever have the opportunity to go to Germany and visit this stock exchange, you can admire an old building whose style reflects the financial markets and their symbolism. Indeed, on the façade of this building, one can admire a bear statue representing the decrease in prices and stock market prices and a bull statue representing, on the contrary, the increase in prices and stock market prices.

All quotations of German shares that are made in this financial centre are listed by a company called Deutsche Börse.


The best German shares are listed on the DAX 30:

Of course, by tracking all securities listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, you may not know which German stocks to focus your investment choice on. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you give priority to stocks whose companies are included in the DAX 30 stock market index. Moreover, the securities that you will be able to trade online through CFDs are generally those found on this German national index.

So let's take a moment to remind ourselves what the DAX 30 is.

The DAX is the name given to Germany's main stock market index and is actually the diminutive of Deutscher AktienindeX. The number 30, which generally follows its name, corresponds to the number of German companies listed on it. Thus, the DAX 30 reports on the price performance of the 30 largest German companies.  These companies are therefore chosen and selected according to the importance of their issuing companies at different levels. This selection takes into account both the total amount of market capitalization of these companies and the volume of transactions carried out. It should also be noted that the German shares that make up the DAX 30 are listed on the Deutsche Börse Frankfurt Prime Standard market.

The German DAX 30 stock market index is often compared to other national indices such as the CAC 40 in France or the FTSE 30 in the United Kingdom because of the number of companies it includes. Today, it makes it possible to measure Germany's economic and financial health with the greatest reliability.


Why trade in German stocks?

To conclude this article, you may wonder why it is interesting to trade on the price of the best German stocks. In reality, there are several advantages to investing in these securities.

First, let us remember that the German economy is currently the largest economy in Europe. It is therefore logical that German companies whose shares are listed on the stock exchange are among the most attractive to investors. In addition, the German stock market is highly volatile and the flagship securities listed on it are generally considered to be safe securities for long-term positions.

On the other hand, investing in German stocks is also a guarantee to get enough information about the different securities available on trading platforms. For European investors, it will be easy to find the financial results of each of these companies and to follow their most important news. You can find this information from your broker on his news feed. Most often, these shares are also closely followed by analysts, who therefore issue precise signals and analyses on which you can also base your strategies.