Stock market and financial news

SAP shares fell 20% on Monday on the stock market

27/10/2020 - 12h50

The SAP Group share experienced a spectacular fall on Monday on the stock market with a loss of 20%, its biggest daily decline since its listing on the stock market in 1995. Explanations.


Huawei could go into the automobile industry

19/10/2020 - 14h33

The Huawei group, which is suffering the full brunt of trade sanctions from the United States, could enter the automotive market, according to a source close to the company and recent leaks.

AstraZeneca: US invests in Covid-19 antibody

14/10/2020 - 08h59

The United States of America invests in AstraZeneca for the development of a treatment against coronavirus. The amount of funding is estimated at $486 million.

ECB opens public consultation on a digital euro

13/10/2020 - 14h12

Yesterday, Monday 12 October, the ECB launched a public consultation on the subject of the digital euro, which is a crypto-money that it may put on the market soon and which is open for debate.

Acquisition of the Milan Stock Exchange by Euronext

12/10/2020 - 17h22

Read the details of the announcement made by Euronext, which has just signed an agreement to acquire the Milan Stock Exchange, which will become the largest financial market in the European Union.

Wall Street on the rise driven by new support measures

09/10/2020 - 09h47

The US stock market is again benefiting this morning from the upward trend that began the day before following Doland Trump's comments on the deployment of new support for businesses and households.

Bitcoin drops after CFTC announcement

02/10/2020 - 16h44

Find out what caused Bitcoin's fall in the market yesterday and what to watch closely in the US news to better understand how this crypto may evolve in the medium term.

Shell plans to cut 9,000 jobs

30/09/2020 - 14h44

Read the details of the press release issued by Shell this morning announcing the elimination of 7,000 to 9,000 jobs by 2020 and within the group in the face of the oil slump.

Disappointing IPO for Siemens Energy

29/09/2020 - 09h21

The initial public offering of the Siemens Energy division of the German Siemens group did not live up to analysts' expectations and was a great disappointment to some investors. Let's look back on this event together.

PSA buys back 10 million shares from Dongfeng

24/09/2020 - 10h06

As part of its planned merger with the Fiat Chrysler group, the PSA group announced the purchase of 10 million of its own shares from China's DongFeng. Discover the details of this operation and its purpose.

HSBC share falls on the stock market

21/09/2020 - 22h35

HSBC's share price fell on Monday on the stock market on the back of threats from China. Let's take a look back at this historical decline and its causes so that you can anticipate future trends.

Why is BP announcing the decline of oil?

17/09/2020 - 13h41

The BP Group has issued alarming forecasts for the oil market over the next 30 years. Let's find out together what this scenario is based on and what the future holds for the oil majors.

Can an ounce of gold go for $3,000?

16/09/2020 - 09h21

As fears of a new wave of coronavirus invade the markets, some analysts are beginning to believe that an ounce of gold could reach $3,000. Explanations for this information.

NVidia Group acquires ARM

14/09/2020 - 13h42

NVidia has just announced the signing of an agreement to acquire ARM for 40 billion dollars from SoftBank, thus becoming the leader in the design of electronic chips.

United States: stocks to follow this Wednesday on Wall Street

11/09/2020 - 11h10

In the United States at present, stock market news is focusing on LVMH's inability to complete the acquisition of Tiffany. As a result, the Tiffany share is very popular this Wednesday, as are Tesla, Moderna, Vaxart, Boeing, United Airlines, etc..

Historic fall of Tesla stock

10/09/2020 - 13h51

Tesla's share price suffered a particularly sharp drop on Tuesday in the stock market. Find out more about the drop and what analysts are saying about it.

Metals: Gold Sets New Record in August

31/08/2020 - 11h42

While the US stock market environment is on the rise, the same cannot be said for its currency (the dollar), which is clearly in trouble. But metals are creating a surprise with gold setting a new record in August.

Accenture cuts 25,000 jobs worldwide

28/08/2020 - 12h08

It's now official: Accenture Group will soon be cutting 25,000 jobs worldwide in order to cope with the current crisis. Read our explanations about this news.

Cisco acquires BabbleLabs to enhance its offering

26/08/2020 - 16h32

Learn more about Cisco Group's latest strategic acquisition, BabbleLabs, which will enable the company to improve the quality of its collaboration software in a rapidly growing segment.

Apple surpasses $2 trillion in capitalization

24/08/2020 - 11h58

As the market capitalization of the Apple Group has just broken a new record at over $2 trillion, find out what analysts think about the next step in its valuation.

AstraZeneca in collaboration with Renalytix Al

24/08/2020 - 11h25

Almost every week, the British group AstraZeneca, which is very prominent in this time of pandemic, signs agreements to improve. This Friday, the group entered into a partnership with Renalytix Al.

S&P 500 breaks its February record upwards

21/08/2020 - 14h44

Discover the incredible progression recorded by the American S&P500 index and the explanations put forward by analysts about this recovery, which is particularly motivated by technology stocks.

Donald Trump could be targeting Alibaba

18/08/2020 - 11h11

After TikTok and Tencent, it could be the turn of online trading giant Alibaba to suffer the wrath of Donald Trump. Find out what the US President has said on this subject.

AstraZeneca: agreement signed with Brussels for vaccine doses

18/08/2020 - 11h00

The companies that have been able to make a profit in this time of pandemic are in the pharmaceutical sector. This is the case of the laboratory AstraZeneca, which is signing a new agreement with Brussels to supply vaccine doses, which comes after the agreement with Mexico and Argentina.

Trump government maintains taxes against Airbus

13/08/2020 - 17h44

Discover a complete update on the situation of the French group Airbus as the US government has just announced the maintenance of the 15% tax on imported French aircraft and other products.

Oil drop and Donald Trump's intervention

12/08/2020 - 13h37

Crude Oil declines despite Donald Trump's announcements of new stimulus plans and ahead of the weekly U.S. Inventories report. Find out more about the current situation.

AIRBUS: the stock rebounds again, an analyst in support

06/08/2020 - 08h32

The objective of large companies is to succeed in maintaining a consecutive upward trend. This Wednesday, the Airbus share signs a new rebound and arouses the reactions of a broker despite the current crisis context.