Analysis of CGI share price

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Want to invest in the CGI stock price online? Our article dedicated to this value will provide you with all the information you'll need to carry out your analyses of this stock. We will be presenting the company along with its sector of activity and economic environment in more detail, with the specifics of its sources of income by division, as well as its main competitors in the market, its recent partnerships and its major strengths and weaknesses. Plus, we'll help you carry out your fundamental analysis of this stock with news data and publications for you to watch and study more closely.  

Elements that can influence the price of this asset:

Analysis N°1

The acquisitions and strategic mergers of this company are points to be followed with the greatest attention and major signs of growth.

Analysis N°2

You should also keep an eye on the technological partnerships that the group could set up in the months and years to come.

Analysis N°3

The growth of the virtualization market is also something to watch closely.

Analysis N°4

CGI is trying to position itself in the low cost computer market so you should monitor all of its operations in this direction.

Analysis N°5

It's also important to take into account the data coming from the competition of this sector of activity with the major publications of its main adversaries.

Analysis N°6

Keep an eye on the foreign exchange market and the fluctuations of the main currencies which can more or less strongly influence the profitability and the competitiveness of the group.

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General presentation of CGI:

Let's try and learn a little more about the CGI Company and its activities with some explanations on its main products and services and therefore its sources of income.

The CGI Group Inc. is an independent Canadian company specializing in information technology or IT consulting services. It offers a range of services, from IT and business consulting to systems integration, as well as outsourcing services and intellectual property solutions. The group offers its services on the basis of a model of local relations with its customers and a global network of services.

The following services are provided:


Knowing CGI shares competition:

Although the CGI group is currently one of the leaders in its sector of activity worldwide, it is still facing competition from many other companies and in particular from a few large groups which directly threaten its market share. Here is a presentation of the main adversaries of CGI in the current market:


The strategic alliances set up by the CGI group:

In addition to CGI's competitors, learn a little more about the allies of this group with two tangible examples of large-scale partnerships that the group has been able to put in place in recent years:


The strengths and advantages of CGI shares as a stock market asset:

Regarding the major strengths of this CGI group, the following points should be noted in particular:


The weak points and disadvantages of the CGI share as a stock market asset:

It's also important to know the drawbacks of this value and therefore you'll find the weak points of the company listed below:

Frequently Asked Questions

What were the major acquisitions of the CGI group?

As you've probably understood, it was CGI's acquisition strategy above all, that enabled it to access its current position in the market. Among the major acquisitions made by this group, there's the Bell Sygma takeover in 1998, IMRglobal in 2001, the acquisition of Cognicase in 2003, the AMS takeover in 2004, the Stanley Inc. takeover in 2010 and even the acquisition of Logica in 2012.

How to anticipate the future CGI share price?

The CGI share price is mainly influenced by events in this sector of activity which leads to an increase or a decrease in demand and therefore in the activities of the group. You should also monitor the financial data regarding the company as well as its long-term development strategies. Investors obviously also use technical analysis to buy or sell stocks in this group, so you should do the same to take advantage of major trends.

How can I follow CGI news?

Your online trading platform will give you direct access to major information about the CGI group and about its stock market shares. But nothing's preventing you from following a personalized news feed on the company on your side or consulting the publications relayed on the group's website.

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Trade the CGI share!
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