CureVac vaccine soon to be produced by Bayer

  •   01/02/2021 - 13h23
  •   HARMANT Adeline

The current pressure on Covid-19 vaccine production is allowing strategic alliances to be formed between laboratories that have been successful in developing an effective solution and those that have not. Thus, on Monday, February 1, the German laboratory Bayer announced that it would produce the vaccine developed by its competitor CureVac.

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CureVac vaccine soon to be produced by Bayer
Image copyright: Sebastian Rittau

The explanations given by Bayer on this subject :

The Bayer group expressed itself on this subject this morning through an official press release in which it announced that they have the necessary skills to produce the mRNA vaccine of CureVac. Stefan Oelrich, head of the pharmaceutical division of the Bayer Group, announced this in a web conference.

He also added that the goal of the partnership is to produce nearly 160 million doses by 2022. The director concluded by specifying that the availability of vaccines still needs to be increased.


A vaccine awaiting certification:

The CureVac network, for its part, has of course planned to mass-produce its vaccine with a production capacity of around 300 million doses for this year 2021 and one billion doses in 2022. This is what CureVac boss Franz-Werner Haas explained.

The CureVac vaccine project is currently in phase 3 of its clinical trials and is therefore in the process of being certified, as German Health Minister Jens Spahn explained at the press conference.

He spoke at length about the challenges of vaccination, specifying that ensuring long-term production of the vaccine is all the more important in the face of possible changes or the need for a second vaccination after one or more years.


The European Union places an order for 405 million doses:

The partnership between Bayer and CureVac, a laboratory based in Tübingen in south-western Germany, has the main objective of boosting the development of the vaccine.

In a joint press release issued this morning, the two companies stated that Bayer will contribute its expertise and established infrastructure in areas such as clinical operations, regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance, medical information, supply chain performance and others.

The press release also states that the European Commission has already signed a contract with the Messenger RNA startup for the purchase of 405 million doses. This news also tends to reassure the population at a time when the conflict between the European Union and the British laboratory AstraZeneca raises fears of a serious delay in the delivery of the doses planned and ordered.

It remains to be seen when CureVac will obtain its certification and be able to start production.