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Mastercard buys Finicity for $825 million

26/06/2020 - 10h17

Mastercard, a leader in open banking, buys Finicity for $825 million. The company's shareholders can receive up to an additional $160 million if targets are met.

Analysis N°1

We would also monitor the general growth of different methods of payment throughout the world with an increasingly cashless economy that is promoted through an increase in the number of online digital payments.

Analysis N°2

The economic policies implemented worldwide can also hinder the growth of the MasterCard Company or, on the contrary, stimulate sales.

Analysis N°3

We would obviously also monitor the competition in this sector through major news and announcements relating to this sector’s principal players which are also the direct competitors of MasterCard.

Analysis N°4

Finally, we would of course monitor the financial results of this company as well as the analysts’ predictions and internal objectives that we would compare to the group’s balance sheets in order to determine the most probable upcoming trends.

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To ensure you purchase MasterCard shares at the right time and implement an effective investment strategy we offer you the opportunity to learn all the useful information you need here for your analyses of this asset. We will provide detailed information on the activities of this company and the sources of its revenue. We will then examine its direct environment together with its major competitors and the most recent partnerships implemented by the group. And finally, we will explain how to complete a comprehensive fundamental analysis of this company so you can monitor the most influential publications and announcements.  


General presentation of the MasterCard Company:

Possessing a clear understanding of the MasterCard Company and its activities in detail together with its sources of revenue is necessary if you wish to implement a high quality trading strategy on this asset. Here therefore is a detailed presentation of this company.

MasterCard Inc. is an American group that operates in the financial services sector. More precisely, this company is specialised in the production and marketing of credit and debit cards.

To better understand the activities of this group it is possible to divide them into two major categories in the following manner:

Although MasterCard is based in the United States the group actually achieves over 64.4% of its turnover internationally.


Know the competition to MasterCard shares:

Apart from possessing a good knowledge of the MasterCard Group and its activities it is essential to understand the economical environment in which it operates. This is why we will now examine the major competitors of this company that currently operate in this market.


Strategic alliances implemented by the MasterCard Group:

The MasterCard Group does not only have adversaries, it also has a number of allies with which it regularly implements strategic partnerships and joint ventures. Here we offer you the opportunity to learn about their most recent partnership ventures:

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the principal shareholders of the MasterCard Group?

The major shareholders of the MasterCard Company are as follows: 11.20% is held by The MasterCard Foundation, 7.02% The Vanguard Group, 4.83% by Hotchkis & Wileu Capital Management, 4.02% by Fidelity Management & Research, 3.96% is held by SSgA Funds Management, 3.02% T Rowe Price Associates IM, 2.31% by BlackRock Fund Advisors, 2.13% by Capital Research & Management XI, 1.78% by Capital Research Management GI and 1.50% is held by Third Point.

On which stock market indices are MasterCard shares quoted?

MasterCard shares are sold through the American stock markets where this company boasts one of the largest stock market capitalisations. This asset is quoted on the American NYSE, or New York Stock Exchange, on its Main Market as well as being included in the American S&P 100 stock market Index which is composed of the 100 top American companies with the highest stock market capitals.

How to invest in MasterCard shares from your home?

It is pointless to subscribe to a product placement to buy MasterCard shares as you can speculate right now, directly online on the share price of this company. To do so you simply need to join an online CFD trading platform and then take position on the rise or fall in the price of this asset.

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