Analysis of Sage share price

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Shares in the British company Sage are among those that can be traded directly online using approved brokers trading platforms. But before you launch into investing in this European asset we recommend you read this dedicated article offering useful information such as general stock market data relating to this share price, and details relating to this company’s activities, its history, its competitors and partnerships as well as some advice for completing a comprehensive fundamental analysis of this asset before taking a buying or selling position.  

Elements that can influence the price of this asset:

Analysis N°1

The future acquisitions of the group that may improve its development and position worldwide.

Analysis N°2

The rise in demand for human resources software upon which the Sage group is continuously consolidating its position as with the demand for cloud solutions.

Analysis N°3

The rise in demand for Business Intelligence software, a true future niche which is one of the main objectives for Sage.

Analysis N°4

The economic growth of the United States and any eventual slowing down of this which could seriously negatively influence this company’s sales figures as the majority of its clients are from the USA.

Analysis N°5

Finally, all events linked to faults or security lapses in the software produced by this group could also damage its reputation.

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76.4% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

General presentation of the Sage Company:

The Sage Company is a British Group that is specialised in the publication of management software mainly destined for small and medium companies. At present this group is one of the world leaders in this activity sector. However we can divide the group’s activities into different sectors according to the amount of turnover generated and how it does so:

From a geographical point of view the Sage group exercises its activities and sells its products throughout the world. The market is shared in the following manner: It is in Europe that this company achieves most of its turnover, 57.9% of the total to be more exact. Then we find North America which provides 30.7% of the turnover and the remaining 11.4% of the Sage Company’s turnover is from other parts of the world.


Know the competition to Sage shares:

Although the Sage Group is one of the largest software editors for companies around the globe it in fact only holds third position in Europe. It therefore has some serious competitors that you should take into account during your analyses. At the global level the Sage group holds fourth position in the professional software editors sector so it is extremely important to remember its major competitors when implementing any investment strategy on the share price of the Sage Company, on the international as well as the European level. In fact, variations in the share price of this company depend greatly on movements in the market parts of each of these major companies, their innovations and any other event such as mergers, acquisitions or failures that could change the classifications in this sector. We therefore strongly recommend that when you complete your fundamental analyses you also undertake a comprehensive study of all competition and obtain the maximum of information on each of these companies.         


Strategic alliances implemented by the Sage Group:

Although the Sage Group is counted nowadays among the largest groups in this activity sector worldwide this is mainly due to the strategy that it implemented and has followed faithfully for a number of years. This strategy is mainly founded on the implementation of strategic alliances with other companies that exercise similar or complementary activities to its own which enables it to gain hold of a larger market share, innovate more and reduce production costs. Here we offer you the opportunity to learn about some of the more recent influential partnerships implemented by this group.      


Economic History

The British company Sage did not achieve its current position without a strategy also based on strong expansion. To this end, it has been pursuing a policy of buying out companies of all sizes for a very long time. We therefore invite you to discover here the complete history of the acquisitions made by the group.

So you understand that the Sage Group is one of the companies in its sector that is most motivated to develop its production and innovation strengths even further. For each of these repurchase operations, the share price on the stock market has thus experienced interesting variations. Also and before taking a position on this title with CFDs, it is interesting to follow this type of news which can represent an interesting element of analysis.


The advantages and strengths of the Sage share as a stock market asset :


Disadvantages and weaknesses of the Sage share as a stock market asset :

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