Analysis of Samsung share price for trading

Our advice for trading Samsung share

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In fact, the movements of this company’s share price are directly correlated to the news data of this company and its financial results. This particularly means that the launch of new products will have a major impact on the share price according to their success or their failure, as well as the sales volume of its key products which represent data that is closely followed by investors in this company.

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You can therefore use several basic indicators for your analyses such as the sales reports from smartphones, the presentation of new products from the group and all the other news that could influence the confidence of the market or create a feeling of incertitude.

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To summarise, the Samsung Group is an investment asset that remains profitable for trading over the long term as well as the short term due to its growth abilities and its global position. It is however advisable to closely follow all the events and news relating to this group as well as its activity sector due to the high exposure of this company’s share price to any ensuing effects. Long term strategies are preferential due to the major development potential of this group.

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Trade Samsung shares!
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The mobile telephone market and all that relates to new technology is highly popular with stock market investors at present. Therefore the famous names in this sector that are often quoted on the international stock markets offer generally profitable shares. This is indeed the case with Samsung Group shares that we will look at closely here with detailed and practical information that will assist you in analysing the price and rates.  


About the Samsung group:

The Samsung group is originally from Korea but has developed subsidiaries throughout the world over the years particularly in Europe with Samsung France. Its activity, which generates hundreds of billions of dollars every year in turnover, is particularly related to the manufacturing and sales of electrical components and computer materials.

In recent years it has started to be active in the mobile phone industry which has enabled it to widen its range of activities and thereby generate more profits.


Samsung’s main competition:

Over the last few years, Samsung has mainly focused in the production and sale of mobile smartphones and has become number one in its business sector, beating other big manufacturers. It is therefore in this business sector that you must look for Samsung’s most dangerous competition. In order to help you carry out a comparative analysis and to open a position in the market in the best way possible way, we invite you to discover Samsung’s main competitors on the market:


Samsung’s main partners:

Thanks to various partnerships, Samsung has been able to maintain a good reputation in this business sector. Here they are in further detail.


Analysis of the Samsung share price:

When we examine the long term charts of the Samsung share price we can observe fairly stable activity over recent years. However it can be profitable to trade in this share online as it displays strong technical movements at times that enable significant profits in the short and medium term if you choose the right time.


Important stock market data relating to Samsung shares:

Although it is important to really understand the dynamics that caused the different trends observed by Samsung shares in the past such as the most influential events used in the fundamental analysis or the major technical data, it is also important to know some basic information such as the following:

With all this information you will now be able to complete technical analyses and precise fundamental analyses in order to determine in which direction the price of Samsung shares will move over the short and long term and thereby implement a winning strategy.


Financial and economical history of the Samsung Company:

To better interpret the different price movements that have marked the growth of the Samsung share price it is necessary to delve into the recent history of the group’s financial and economical activities and events. Here are the most important dates to remember:

By analysing how these different events have influenced the price of Samsung shares you will be in a position to better foresee the future movements of this asset on the markets.


Should you take a long term position on the Samsung share price?

If you plan to buy Samsung shares to add to your investment portfolio or take position on purchasing this asset using CFDs you are probably considering the perspectives relating to the future of this company. As you may know through the various information we have just provided, the Samsung Company has numerous advantages that will contribute to its continued prosperity and holding its position as one of the leaders in its principal activity sectors.     

Although Samsung nowadays boasts a range of products that benefit from a high popularity in the public eye, nothing guarantees its continued success over the long term. The company, as with all the large groups in the technological sector, could at any time experience a decrease in esteem from the consumers. A simple problem during the launch of a product in which the company has heavily invested such as a new smartphone could in fact have dire consequences for the company’s profits, as well as its share value particularly as the Samsung share price is particularly speculative in nature.    

However, the analysts’ forecasts remain generally inclined to a continued increase in the Samsung share price over the coming years. Over time, Samsung has shown itself adept at diversifying its product range and nowadays we find the brand present in various product sectors such as televisions, computers, smartphones and household electrics with a highly positive reputation overall. Samsung has in fact done everything possible to increase the popularity of their products, notably in terms of publicity campaigns using different types of media and particularly for the Galaxy range of smartphones. The company actually allocates over 30 million Euros per year to advertising.    

We not that these efforts are profitable as the Samsung share price has continuously risen since the company has concentrated on the technological sector which has guaranteed it an international success.

Speculate online on Samsung shares:

Start speculating online today on the Samsung share price and achieve advanced analyses using the tools available through the online Forex brokers. In this way you can speculate on the rise or fall in this share price.

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Trade Samsung shares!
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