Analysis of Schlumberger share price for trading

Among the large companies in the oil sector, some are of great interest to investors, the Schlumberger Company is one of them so here's a presentation of its stock market shares. You'll discover everything you need to know about it through a variety of information such as the detailed company activity or a historical analysis of the share's stock price.  

Trade the Schlumberger share!
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Our advice for trading Schlumberger share

Tip number 1

Start by following all the acquisitions or mergers event types allowing the group to buy out the competition or to increase its global market share which are often very good entry points on the market.

Tip number 2

The development of fuel demand in the world is also an indicator of choice for following the Schlumberger share on the stock market.

Tip number 3

Government regulations regarding the production and import of hydrocarbons are also important to take into account during your analyses.

Tip number 4

A complete study of the competition is essential while monitoring the evolution of the market shares of each of the major players in this sector.

Tip number 5

Economic growth and global economic health are directly correlated with Schlumberger's results so these figures should be watched carefully.

Tip number 6

Changes in mentality regarding environmental protection and new rules in this area can also be detrimental to Schlumberger and its activities.

Tip number 7

Finally, you'll need to closely monitor the energy raw materials market and more particularly the oil market and the price of black gold which is also an excellent indicator of the health of this sector.

Trade the Schlumberger share!
75% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

General presentation of Schlumberger:

The Schlumberger Group is currently the world leader in oilfield service providers for industries exploring and producing oil and gas. Its activity can be divided into two main hubs, oilfield services which represent 73.3% of the turnover and reservoir surveillance and seismic control services which represent 26.7% of the turnover.

Schlumberger generates most of its turnover in North America and Asia-Middle East, but also reaches other markets.


Knowing Schlumberger shares competition:

The Schlumberger group carries out targeted activities in the oil sector and more specifically in oilfield equipment for the oil industry. As such, it's the international market leader in this sector and its market shares are highly coveted by other large similar groups. Check out a bit more about Schlumberger's main competitors in order to help you in your fundamental analyses of this stock share.

  • Halliburton: Schlumberger's main competitor is without a doubt American Halliburton, which recently bought number 3, Baker Hughes and as a result, has greatly developed its reputation and its positioning on the market.
  • Cameron: Schlumberger has managed to maintain its leading position thanks to the acquisition of another of its competitors the American group Cameron in 2015.


The strategic alliances set up by Schlumberger:

  • Helix Energy: In 2014, Schlumberger signed a strategic partnership with the American group Helix Energy Solutions and OneSubsea aimed at developing intervention systems for underwater oil wells. This company is actually a joint venture between Schlumberger and its former competitor Cameron.
  • Sound Energy: In 2017, Schlumberger signed a partnership agreement with the Sound Energy Plc group in order to extend their previous partnership in the Tendrara and Meridja projects.
  • Weatherford: Also in 2017, Schlumberger signed a partnership with Weatherford and created a joint venture named OneStim in the supply of oil services to develop the production of non-conventional resources in the United States, 70% owned by Schlumberger.


Introduction and stock price of Schlumberger shares:

Schlumberger shares are currently listed on the Euronext Paris market, and their price is included in the calculation of the S&P 100 index.


Stock market data

This page provides you with specific data and information about the Schlumberger share, with recent historical technical analysis or certain detailed information about the Company's activities among other things. This data will help you to set up your investment strategies although it's not the only information that you need to know. You can check out some more general data concerning the stock price on the stock market along with some important figures.

  • In 2019, Schlumberger reached a total market capitalization of around EUR 43,492.84
  • There are 1,385,122,304 securities issued by Schlumberger for the same period currently in circulation on the market.
  • The Schlumberger share price is currently listed on compartment A of the Euronext Paris market in France.
  • Schlumberger is also part of the French national stock market index CAC All Shares and is therefore one of the French companies with the largest market capitalization.
  • Schlumberger shareholders include 7.93% of the investment company Vanguard Group shares, 6.29% of BlackRock shares, 4.95% of Capital Research and Management Company shares, 4.86% of State Street Corporation shares, 2.99% of Dodge & Cox shares, 2.7% of Vanguard Investments Australia shares, 2.36% of MFS Investment Management shares, 2.36% of Massachusetts Financial Services Company shares and 20.9% of the Bank of New York Mellon Corporation shares.


Economic history

In the past, the stock has experienced high volatility over the past ten years. After a first peak at 77.10 € in October 2007, it lost many points until December 2008 before starting to rise again.

From 2009 to 2011, the share experienced a new upward trend which led it to a high close to 69 euros in February 2011. A further drop followed however, bringing it back to nearly 47 euros at the end of the same year. The next upward trend followed by numerous downward micro-movements still rapidly reached 84 euros first in July 2014 and a second time in April 2015. At the beginning of 2016, the share went back towards 50 euros before picking up again towards 80 € in January 2017.

Unfortunately, since this bullish phase, the stock has continued on a long-term downward trend despite an attempt to correct it in 2018 and fell below 40 euros in early 2019.


The advantages and strengths of Schlumberger shares as a stock market asset :

First of all, let us recall that the Schlumberger group has a very strong and advantageous positioning in its sector of activity.  Indeed, the group is currently one of the world's largest providers of oilfield services. This position of strength naturally reassures investors and increases the volatility of its share price.

The presence of the Schlumberger group at the international level is also an asset to be taken into account. The company currently has more than 100,000 customers worldwide and operates in more than 80 different countries. This well-executed international expansion strategy enables the company to reduce the risk of exposure to a single geographical sector in the event of an economic crisis or recession.

Schlumberger is also a group that places great emphasis on the excellence of its products and services and on innovation. It stands out from the competition through significant and recurring investments in research and development, which enables it to improve the quality of solutions offered to its customers and thus helps it to stand out from the major competitors in this sector.

Lastly, the Schlumberger group's ability to carry out conclusive and profitable merger or acquisition operations on a very large scale, enabling it to improve its brand image and extend its expertise, is also an advantage of the Schlumberger group.


Disadvantages and weaknesses of Schlumberger stock as a stock market asset :

First of all, this concerns the legal constraints that the group has to face in certain countries. As the company's activities are highly internationalized, these legal complexities can have a certain impact on its profitability and slow down both its sales and its development.

Finally, the second and final factor penalising Schlumberger concerns its image as a polluting company.  Indeed, the company has often been singled out by critics and environmental protection associations for its dubious practices. In particular, Schlumberger has been the target of numerous controversies concerning the oil spill, which have of course given it negative publicity.

Start investing in Schlumberger shares online:

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Trade the Schlumberger share!
75% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work, and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.