Analysis of TUI share price

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Are you planning to invest in the TUI share price online? With this article we offer you the assistance you need to succeed with your analyses of this company’s share price. To successfully complete your analyses and best anticipate the future price variations of this asset you will need a thorough knowledge of this company and its economic environment. Here we will therefore explain in detail the activities of this group as well as its major competitors and partners.  We will also examine the various data and events you will find useful for the completion of your fundamental analysis of this asset.  

Elements that can influence the price of this asset:

Analysis N°1

We would particularly follow the actions implements by TUI to best use new technology, especially as related to online holiday reservation applications and those for mobile telephones.

Analysis N°2

Strategic operations for the development of the group’s activities in the emerging markets should also be monitored attentively.

Analysis N°3

As the competition in this activity sector is so strong you will need to analyse the strategies and events of this company’s major competitors as well as its pricing policy.

Analysis N°4

We would also follow the foreign exchange market, changes in the regulations and policies related to tourism and travel in general.

Analysis N°5

Finally, it would be advantageous to follow the financial and economical results of this company annually and quarterly and compare them with the company’s objectives and analysts expectations.

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General presentation of the TUI Company: 

Let us now continue with a more detailed presentation of the TUI Company. A thorough basic knowledge of this group and its activities is in fact essential if you are going to effectively understand the challenges it faces and its growth possibilities.

The TUI AG Group is a German company specialised in the tourism sector. More precisely, this company is currently the leader in this activity sector in Europe.

To better understand this group’s activities it is possible to divide them into different categories according to the turnover generated by each of them and the manner in which this is done:

It can also be advantageous to know the geographical distribution of this company’s turnover which currently achieves 28.1% of its turnover in Germany, 31.8% in the United Kingdom, 1% in Spain, 35.8% from the rest of Europe, 1.6% from the American continent and the remaining 1.7% from other areas around the world.


Know the competition to the TUI Group:

Still with the objective of understanding the growth possibilities of the TUI Group and therefore those of its share price on the stock markets, you should know and understand its major activity sector and the major players therein.  We therefore now offer you the opportunity to learn about the major competitors of TUI.


The strategic alliances implemented by the TUI Group:

Let us first study the strategic allies of TUI with a review of two recent examples of partnerships that this group has implemented with other companies with the objective of meeting certain requirements or promoting the growth of the company.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different subsidiaries operated by the TUI group?

Of course, to become the European leader in the tourism sector that it is now, the TUI Group has implemented an advantageous strategy of acquisition and subsidiary creation. Nowadays the group owns and operates numerous subsidiaries including TUI France, TUI Suisse, TUIfly, Corsair International, Jetairfly, Thomson Airways, Marmara and Nouvelles Frontieres.  Also, this giant of the tourism industry still continues to develop new activities through the creation of new branches.      

Where can you follow the TUI share price in real time?

As you may already know the TUI Company benefits from a double quotation on the Frankfurt and London stock markets. You can therefore follow this company’s share price from both markets. But it is also possible to access charts continuously updated in real time from a CFD online trading platform or a stock market placement website. You can thereby benefit from other advantageous trend and volatility indicators that can be useful for your strategic decisions.   

Should you buy or sell TUI shares?

If you are hesitating between a buy or sell strategy with the TUI share price then you should of course base your decisions to a certain extent on a pertinent analysis using the fundamental analysis method and the technical analysis method to best understand and predict the future trends of this asset. You should not forget to combine and adapt these analyses to your investment timeline as each trader will of course trade this asset mainly according to the time period of their positions.

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Trade the TUI share!
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