Analysis of Veolia share price

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Some companies whose activities touch on the environment have been experiencing real commercial and economic success in recent years and are therefore listed on the stock exchange. This is the case of the French group Veolia, whose shares are increasingly sought-after by investors who want them for short-term trading or as part of their stock market portfolio. Here is some information about this company and the analysis of its share price.  

Elements that can influence the price of this asset:

Analysis N°1

First of all, we will monitor Veolia's market shares in its areas of activity and the maintenance of its leading position in the face of competition.

Analysis N°2

We will also closely monitor the development of the group's activities, aimed at the private sector, which could become increasingly important in the coming years.

Analysis N°3

Naturally, all the news in this sector will be closely followed, including important information and publications from Veolia's main competitors, namely Suez, SAUR, RWE and Agbar.

Analysis N°4

Local competition abroad and in emerging countries in particular represents a threat to the development of Veolia's activities. These elements will therefore be monitored.

Analysis N°5

Of course, water as a natural resource and the quantities available are increasingly influential elements in the activities of this group.

Analysis N°6

Finally, the work carried out by Veolia to improve the quality of the water distribution network in Europe will also be verified, particularly in France where it is becoming increasingly obsolete.

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General presentation of Veolia :

The Veolia Group is a French group that is currently the world leader in environmental services. Its activities can be broken down in this way according to their share in the group's turnover :

Veolia generates 21.2% of its turnover in France, 35.1% in Europe and 43.7% in the rest of the world.


Find out about the competition of the Veolia share:

The Veolia Group is currently the world's leading water supplier. However, as we have just seen, it is active in other sectors, including sustainable development and ecology, in which it faces very strong competition. It is strongly advised to know the main competitors of this group before starting to trade its shares on the stock market. It is for this reason that we invite you to discover the companies that compete with Veolia so that you can closely monitor their news and possibly detect events or changes that may have an influence on the price of its stock.


The strategic alliances set up by the Veolia Group :

The Veolia Group has been able to forge interesting links with other internationally renowned companies as well as with small innovative companies. We invite you to discover the group's major partners here.


What are the advantages of the Veolia share as an investment asset?

Firstly, Veolia is currently number one in the environmental services sector throughout the world, particularly in the water, waste management and energy services sectors, which are particularly buoyant. Veolia also uses the delegated management model, which offers a lower cost for clients than with management by a public utility.

The Veolia group also has a strong international presence, with more than 40% of its turnover in Europe and 24% in the rest of the world. It is also well developed in Global Business targeting activities for large companies.

The fact that Veolia's business model is based on long-term contracts ensures good visibility and stability of the company's revenue. The group is in charge of 46% of municipal markets and 54% of industrial markets. Veolia's strategy is also based on the signing of large contracts, notably thanks to its recent reorganisation aimed at bringing together all the company's activities under a single brand in all its target countries by pooling support functions. The group's growth is based on four main pillars. Targeting major environmental issues, strengthening its position in growth markets, penetrating industrial customers and changing business models is also a strong point for the group. Project financing in the form of asset co/op co thus limits the proportion of capital employed and therefore does not unbalance the company's balance sheet.

It should also be noted that Veolia's financial situation has been strongly strengthened during 2016 thanks to the resale of SNCM and Transdev.

Finally, the last advantage of the Veolia share that can be retained concerns the good visibility of the dividend for investors.


What are the disadvantages and weak points of the Veolia share?

If the Veolia share has real appeal for private investors who decide to trade it in line with CFDs, this share also has some weak points that it is also necessary to take into account and of which here are some concrete examples:

Firstly, a significant part of the business is showing significant cyclicality with the crisis, due in particular to the fall in prices in Germany, the renegotiation of contracts in France and the end of the Indianapolis contract.

In addition, the utilities segment is experiencing a bearish phase on the stock markets with a downward renegotiation of French contracts and doubts from investors who fear an imminent rise in interest rates.

Veolia's various business lines also show a strong disparity in terms of profitability, with high margins in the water sector, which accounts for ¾ of operating profit, followed by waste management, which accounts for the remaining quarter. The geographical distribution is also very disparate, since Veolia makes more profit in the rest of the world than in France and Europe.

Finally, the recent postponement of the financial targets that the group had set for 2018 has had a major impact on investor morale.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the listing and price information for the Veolia share?

Veolia shares are currently listed continuously on the Euronext Paris market and have been since 20 July 2000. The nominal value of each share in this group is currently €5 and the closing price of the share on 31 December 2019 was €23.71. The Veolia Group thus had a market capitalisation of €13.45 billion at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. The number of shares on the market is 567.2 million.

How can I view the price of Veolia's shares?

Veolia's share price is constantly changing thanks to its live listing on the Euronext Paris market. To view the price of this stock, you must therefore have access to a real-time chart. This type of chart is accessible online on specialised sites or from the trading platforms on which this stock is offered. It is also possible to view the historical price of this stock.

Who are Veolia's direct competitors?

The Veolia group has some serious competitors in its main sectors of activity. Although it is the leader in water supply, it faces stronger competition in its other segments such as sustainable development and ecology. The most important of these are Suez Environnement, a subsidiary of the Engie group, RWE and Agbar.

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Trade the Veolia share!
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