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  • A simple and ergonomic platform
  • A free unlimited demonstration account
  • An Open Book that enables the copying of other traders
  • Few stock market assets
  • No shares or bonds
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  • Advantageous spreads
  • Comprehensive easy access training
  • A free demonstration account
  • Leverage effect of up to 1 : 300
  • High performance tools
  • CFD Service
  • Long withdrawals
Our analysis

  • An extremely varied range of assets.
  • A free demonstration account.
  • Low spreads.
  • A large amount of practical information.
  • Several trading platforms.
  • Effective tools 
  • A site more appropriate for experienced traders
Our analysis

  • €50 offered at registration.
  • A free demonstration account
  • Spreads that are among the lowest on the market.
  • A simple and comfortable platform.
  • An initial minimum deposit of only €5.
  • Approved by European authorities.
  • Little assistance for beginners.
  • No stock market shares as yet.
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Trading in stock market assets

With all the detailed information available on each major stock market asset, the stock market indices, the best international stock market shares, and commodities such as oil will no longer hold any secrets from you and you will even be able to analyse their data easily to achieve significant profits from trading them online. Read information about the quotes, analysis of the real time rates and other useful data.


  • All about the stock markets

    With the numerous detailed technical files available to you, the stock market and its operation will hold no secrets from you!

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    Learn how you can become a profitable stock market investor by following our practical advice with information on the best strategies.

  • Invest online

    Learn how to invest in the stock market from the comfort of your home using the trading platforms of the Forex and binary options brokers.

  • The major stock market assets

    Read all the information and useful advice you need to trade the major stock market shares and indices effectively!

  • Trading tools

    The specific tools and innovative functions of the online brokers will assist you in making profits rapidly. Learn about them now!

  • Advantages and promotions

    Benefit from all the promotions, welcome bonus and advantages of the best brokers on the stock markets!

Start Trading in the stock markets online

Although stock market trading interests many individuals who wish to invest their money in assets to generate larger profits than they would make with simple savings accounts, few investors have the knowledge and guidance necessary to achieve significant profits on the financial markets. The website has been specifically created to assist beginner traders and guide them during their online trading experience, whether they decide to use online banks or trading platforms as their intermediary. All aspects of stock market speculation are covered to ensure you have all your questions answered in a clear and easy to understand manner.

Introduction to the stock markets:

The world of the stock markets can appear complex at times, even inaccessible to the uninformed. However in reality it is not that at all. To understand how the stock markets work you need nothing more than our series of articles dedicated to explaining all the important points as well as a step by step guided explanation to all you need to know about the stock exchange in general.

You will also find a complete glossary in this section with all the necessary investment terms and definitions.

Understanding the assets and analysing the markets:

On our website you will also find full information about all the assets it is possible for you to invest in, including shares, indices, bonds, currencies and commodities. Understanding these different assets will enable you to diversify your portfolio in a sensible manner and thereby increase your chances of making high profits.

However the simple fact of knowing these assets is not enough to become a good trader. For this you need to understand the use of the technical analysis of the markets. There again, will be of valuable assistance as we approach the subject in a simplified and accessible manner, covering all the aspects of market analysis to assist you in implementing effective trading strategies.

Choosing your intermediary and their trading tools:

To speculate on the stock market you will of course need to choose the method most appropriate for you between the bank placement products online and the online broker trading platforms. To assist you, on this website you will find a comparison of the major brands from both sectors with their particularities, advantages and disadvantages.

Of course, we also explain to you in detail the different investment products and trading instruments so that you can easily choose the one that is best suited to your requirements.

And now you are ready to launch into the great adventure of stock market investment!