Analysis of ABB share price

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The ABB share price evolves on the stock exchange depending on various factors which you should explore more explicitly here. We'll be presenting the company to you in this article along with its various activities including its various income divisions, as well as its economic environment with its main competitors, its most recent partners and its major quotation data. We'll also be monitoring the fundamental analysis of this share by explaining which data is to be used when you carry it out.  

Elements that can influence the price of this asset:

Analysis N°1

First, you'll need to keep an eye on public investments and government decisions regarding infrastructure that may have an effect on the aggregate demand of the electricity industry.

Analysis N°2

The ABB group's growth strategy, boosted by significant cash flow, is largely based on strategic acquisitions that must also be taken into account.

Analysis N°3

You should also keep an eye on the increase in demand for smart grids, which, at the same time increases the demand from the companies that produce them, that provide or build network infrastructure of this type.

Analysis N°4

Environmental regulations may also allow an increase in ABB's activities which could benefit from the demand of companies in the environmental services sector.

Analysis N°5

Global economic health is also an influencing factor in ABB's business. A lasting recession could weaken the group's cash flow and its long-term growth.

Analysis N°6

Finally, the cost reduction policy pursued by certain governments could also have a negative impact on ABB's shares because it would lead to a drop in replacement sales and slow down overall sales.

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General presentation of ABB:

Check out a complete presentation of the ABB Company which will allow you to deepen your basic knowledge about this stock as well as better understand the evolution prospects of this share on the stock market.

The ABB group is a Swiss company specializing in the industrial capital goods sector. More precisely, it's one of the leaders of this sector worldwide carrying out the design, the manufacture and the sale of this equipment.

To better understand ABB's activities, it is possible to divide them into several divisions according to the percentage of turnover they generate like this:

From a geographical distribution point of view of the ABB group's activities, note that it achieves 36.1% of its turnover in Europe, 32% in the Americas and 31.9% in Asia Middle East Africa.


Knowing ABB shares competition:

Let's explore the economic environment of the ABB group with its main competitors in the market presented in detail here:


The strategic alliances set up by the ABB group:

Although the ABB group has some major competitors, seen above, it also has some allies that listed below along with some examples of strategic partnerships recently set up by the group:

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the most important shareholders of the ABB group today?

The capital of the ABB group is largely floating capital which can therefore be traded on the financial markets. However, part of its capital is also held by major shareholders. The shareholders are two in number since the Investor AB group holds 11.8% of the shares of this company and Cevian Capital II GP Limited holds nearly 5.92% for its part.

Which markets is the ABB share price quoted on?

ABB's share price has been listed on the Zurich and Stockholm stock exchanges since 1999. It also started to be listed on the American NYSE market in 2001. The company is currently the fifth largest company in the Swiss Market Index, that is to say the Swiss stock market index SMI and it's also one of the 30 companies whose shares are the most traded in the Stockholm Stock Exchange or OMX Stockholm 30.

How to carry out a technical analysis of the ABB share?

In order to perform a technical analysis of ABB stock, you should use trend and volatility indicators, among other things. Moving averages, pivot points as well as the levels of support and technical resistance are among the graphic elements that are the easiest to use and interpret, which are often the starting point for trends marked by this value.

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Trade the ABB share!
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