Analysis of Air Liquide share price

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You have probably already heard about Air Liquide, without really knowing what it is or what it offers. Yet it is one of the most popular listed companies with investors. Indeed, Air Liquide shares offer a lot of useful information for analysing its share price. Find out here with some explanations what its activity is and how to correctly analyse its share price.  

Elements that can influence the price of this asset:

Analysis N°1

In particular, the diversification of the Air Liquide Group's activities, especially in the renewable energy sector and other promising segments through the signing of contracts with photovoltaic cell producers, will be carefully studied.

Analysis N°2

The strategic plans put in place by the group are often communicated in detail to the public. It is therefore possible to consult them and compare them with the company's actual results in order to determine signals of increases or decreases in value.

Analysis N°3

The health sector, which represents a privileged target for the group, is also to be followed with the greatest interest.

Analysis N°4

Naturally, we will also keep a close eye on the development of the group's activities in emerging countries through the signing of contracts or the creation of partnerships.

Analysis N°5

Global economic health will also influence the price of this stock and you should therefore take this into account in your fundamental analysis.

Analysis N°6

Finally, and given the very specific business sector in which Air Liquide operates, the group's investments in research and development will be closely monitored.

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76.4% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

General presentation of Air Liquide :

Air Liquide is a French company specialised in the production of industrial and medical gases. It is also one of the leaders in this sector internationally. However, its activity covers various fields, mainly industrial and medical gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and synthesis gas, but also equipment and services for fluid systems control, management of chemical gases and liquids for 95.7% of its turnover, but also welding and cutting equipment, or fine chemicals products for 2.3% of turnover or diving products directly related to its main activity. The remaining 2% of the group's sales, i.e. 2%, relate to engineering and construction of gas production plants and the manufacture of advanced technology products.

Air Liquide's market is mainly European but also affects the rest of the world. Thus, only 12.9% of its turnover is generated in France and 23.6% for the rest of Europe. It also generates 32.9% of its revenue in the United States, 21.7% in Asia-Pacific and 3.1% in Africa and the Middle East.


Know the competition of the Air Liquide share:

The Air Liquide Group is undoubtedly the pioneer in its sector of activity but also the world leader in this field. However, although its direct competition is limited to three major companies, its market shares can at any time drop to the benefit of one of them and it is therefore more than important to know them. Here are the details of Air Liquide's main competitors.


The strategic alliances set up by the Air Liquide Group :

Over the last few years, the Air Liquide Group has also set up well-thought-out partnerships with other major companies, which we invite you to discover here in more detail.


The strengths of the Air Liquide share as a stock market asset:

The Air Liquide share is an asset with many qualities as an online investment medium.


The disadvantages of the Air Liquide share as a stock market asset :

Of course, the Air Liquide share does not only present advantages for investors and it is also necessary to highlight some of the company's weak points before embarking on online trading.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Air Liquide's capital distributed?

Air Liquide's capital, in other words, its shareholding, is distributed among different types of shareholders. Thus, as of May 2020, 32% of the group's capital is held by individual shareholders. 18% of this capital belongs to French institutional investors and the remaining 50% is held by foreign institutional investors. Of course, this distribution may change over time.

Does the Air Liquide Group distribute bonus shares?

Air Liquide has distributed bonus shares on numerous occasions, the last of which took place in 2019. The Group proceeds in this way approximately every two years by allocating one bonus share for every ten shares owned on average, except in 2002 with one bonus share for every eight shares owned and in 2010 with one bonus share for every fifteen shares owned. In 2016 and due to the Airgas takeover, the group did not offer any bonus shares.

What is Air Liquide's dividend distribution policy?

Air Liquide's policy is to pay an annual dividend that has grown by 8.7% per year over the last 30 years, i.e. between 40 and 55% of the Group's net profit, the remainder being used for the development of the company with industrial investments, buy-outs and innovation. Air Liquide also pays a loyalty bonus of 10% additional dividends for shareholders who have held their shares for more than two years.

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Trade the Air Liquide share!
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