Analysis of Alphabet share price for trading

Maybe you haven’t yet heard of Alphabet shares and yet these are actually from the group previously known as Google-A. To learn more about these assets and view the share price in real time we recommend you see the real time chart here and read this important information about the company’s activities and a historical price analysis.  

Trade Alphabet shares!
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Our advice for trading Alphabet share

Tip number 1

In particular, we will keep an eye on Alphabet's diversification into new technological and commercial areas in order to accelerate its growth.

Tip number 2

Regular acquisitions of other companies can also maximize the growth of that company.

Tip number 3

Of course, we will monitor the implementation of all future Alphabet innovations, including the artificial intelligence and cloud computing segments.

Tip number 4

Although a leader in its sector, Alphabet faces relatively strong competition and it is therefore advisable to follow closely the news of these competitors.

Tip number 5

The regulatory and judicial pressures on Alphabet are also important elements to be taken into account, particularly with regard to data confidentiality.

Tip number 6

Finally, we will also monitor the amounts invested by Alphabet in research and development. Excessive expenses could harm the group's short-term profitability and penalize it on the stock market.

Trade Alphabet shares!
75% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

About the Alphabet Group:

Alphabet is basically a holding company that manages 6 principal activities. It notably includes the Google search engine, the YouTube website and the Gmail instant messenger. Alphabet also develops home automation solutions and undertakes research and the development of bio-technologies, offers Artificial Intelligence research services and investment services. Finally it operates a fibre optic internet access network under the brand Google Fiber.


Alphabet’s main competitors:

Alphabet was created by Google in order to separate its internet and search engine services from the rest of its structures. The company is now involved in various fields of activity such as connected objects and biotechnology. The competitors that Alphabets faces therefore vary according to the sector.

As far as search engines are concerned, Google remains the leader in the world. It competes with Yahoo, which is, so far, the only serious competitor of the group along with Chinese Baidu and Bing.

The sector of home automation and connected objects gives Alphabet more trouble, since it has to compete with some of the giants of technology such as Intel, which is still the undisputable leader in the world, as well as Microsoft and Cisco.

In the field of biotechnology, Alphabet competes with Gilead Sciences, Novo Nordisk, Allergan and Amgen and is struggling to position itself in the ranking of the 10 leaders of the sector.

To effectively trade Alphabet’s shares, it is highly recommended to closely monitor the news and the results of all these companies and verify the positioning of this entity in each market.


Alphabet’s main partners:

In 2016, Alphabet’s health subsidiary joined the pharmaceutical company Sanofi, in order to create connected objects in the field of the treatment of diabetes.

As part of its work on autonomous vehicles, Alphabet has also created certain strategic partnerships with car manufacturers such as Chrysler in 2016.

Always in 2016, Alphabet’s health subsidiary joined the GlaxoSmithKline laboratories in a joint venture whose goal was to create electronic implants to treat some chronic diseases such as diabetes, arthritis and asthma.


Analysis of the Alphabet share price:

The Alphabet Company share price is currently quoted on the Nasdaq Global Select Market in the United States. It is also incorporated into the Nasdaq 100 American stock market index.

Introduced onto the stock markets in April 2014, Alphabet shares are following a fairly neutral trend which is however marked by numerous micro-movements. We particularly note an interesting rise in July 2015 which marked the beginning of a rising trend that continues today.


Important stock market data about Alphabet shares:

You have just read some essential information regarding the Alphabet share price such as the activities exercised by this American Group and a historical technical analysis of its rate. Although this information will of course be extremely useful for the implementation of your trading strategy it is also essential that you learn other more general stock market information relating to this asset. We will therefore terminate this article by examining certain key figures and other important information about the position of this asset and its issuing company on the stock market as compared to other comparable assets.

  • In 2017 the Alphabet Company boasts a stock market capital of U.S. $ 652,415.11 million.
  • The number of shares issued by the Alphabet Company and currently in circulation on the stock markets is around 643,856,000.
  • The share price of the Alphabet Company is currently quoted on the Global Select Market of the Nasdaq All Markets stock market in the United States.
  • The Alphabet Company shares are also included in the Nasdaq 100 American stock market index so therefore the company is one of the 100 new technology American companies with the highest stock market capital.
  • Shareholdings in the Alphabet Company are composed as follows: 2.66% by The Vanguard Group investment fund, 2.21% by the FMR LLC investment fund, 1.61% by the State Street Corporation investment fund, 1.42% by the T Rowe Price Associates investment fund, 1.27% by the BlackRock Fund Advisors investment fund, and 0.64% by the J P Morgan Investment Management Company. The rest of the shares are floating and therefore are traded freely every day on the stock markets by individual or institutional investors.

How to speculate in Alphabet shares online?

If you wish to invest in the Alphabet share price you can do so online right now, take position on this asset or choose from hundreds of other assets to trade in using CFDs.

Trade Alphabet shares!
75% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work, and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.
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