Analysis of Amadeus share price

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If you want to trade on the Spanish Amadeus share price, some preliminary information that will help you to analyse the share. Explore its live stock price and a historical technical analysis of its price as well as complete information on the group's activity.  

Elements that can influence the price of this asset:

Analysis N°1

The actual results of the company that you should compare to the forecasts of the group and analysts.

Analysis N°2

Competition in this sector with analysis of the results and the main Amadeus competitors’ market share.

Analysis N°3

The developing needs of the companies targeted by the group.

Analysis N°4

The development and marketing of new software and online services of the company.

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General presentation of Amadeus:

The Spanish group Amadeus owns the largest computerized online travel reservation system. It provides the means for travel agencies and airline sales offices to book hotels, cars or services online to be specific. It also provides IT and online booking software sales services. Most of Amadeus' turnover is made in Europe, but the group also reaches the Asian, American and African market.


Knowing Amadeus shares competition:

The Amadeus group publishes and operates one of the largest GSDs or Global Distribution Systems in the travel and flight sector in the world. They're computerized service delivery systems that are used by travel agencies and airlines. As a matter of fact, the company was founded and belongs to several airlines which gives travellers the possibility to book their seats online in addition to other services such as hotel rooms or car hire.

Amadeus ranks first worldwide for these online booking systems in terms of turnover and number of users. As such, it faces weak competition since only three other large companies overshadow it. The companies are Galileo which is second in the ranking, Saber which is in third place and Worldspan which is fourth.

You must take the events and news that affect these competitors of Amadeus into account if you want to trade this share effectively on the stock market. You'll be able to find this information and the results of each of these companies on their websites or with your CFD broker.


The strategic alliances set up by the Amadeus group:


Introduction and stock quote of the Amadeus share:

The Amadeus share price is currently listed on the Spanish Mercado Continuo market and is included in the calculation of the Ibex 35 stock index.


Stock market data

We have just given you some useful information about the Amadeus share and its history. The collected data will allow you to set up a more precise analyses of the stock. But before embarking on its online speculation, it's also important to know the overall positioning of the company on the stock market. Here's some general information you should know about the company and its stock market listing.



As you will no doubt have already understood, the Amadeus Group's results are closely linked to the needs of its major clients. Therefore, as part of your fundamental analysis of this title, you will need to research the growth of the airline industry and these Amadeus clients. To help you do so, here are some additional indications of the different sectors and types of businesses that represent a prime target for this group:

Travel suppliers are of course the core target of Amadeus, which offers its services throughout the entire tourism chain. Of course, we mainly find airlines, most often regional or network airlines, but also low-cost transport or leisure companies. But this sector also includes other activities. Hotels and hotel chains are also prime targets for Amadeus and its online reservation system, regardless of the type of service (chains or independent hotels). Amadeus' customers also include various land and maritime companies such as car rental companies, rail transport companies, ferry companies, cruise ship sales agencies and certain insurance companies. Finally and more generally, Amadeus also targets specific tour operators, whether integrated tour operators or general public tour operators.

The second category of Amadeus' customers is the travel sales sector. This is of course mainly travel agencies such as Travel Management Companies or TMCs, but also travel agencies specialising in business travel or those specialising in tourist holidays. Online travel agencies are also to be taken into account, as are consolidators.

Finally, it is important to take into account a third important target of the Amadeus company, which this time concerns buyers in the travel sector, i.e. people or companies that use online travel search, comparison and reservation services. Among these buyers are mainly companies dedicated to companies that wish to reduce their travel expenses and that offer self-booking tools, but also individuals who use Amadeus' services to organize and book their trips (transportation and stays), notably via the Opodo platform.


Benefits and drawbacks of Amadeus shares as a stock market asset:

First of all, let's take a closer look at the rather positive elements regarding this share which reflect the strengths of the Amadeus group:


The disadvantages of Amadeus stock as an asset:

After learning about the strengths of the Amadeus group, take a look at its main weaknesses. The company also has some weak points which can have a negative influence on the price of its share, here are some tangible examples:

Frequently Asked Questions

When was Amadeus floated on the stock market?

In April 2010, Amadeus went public on the Madrid financial market. Following this IPO, the Air France group was a shareholder with a 15% stake. Subsequently, i.e. in 2011, Air France will sell nearly half of its stake for nearly 500 million euros. Today, the main shareholders of Amadeus are British airlines and pension funds.

How has the Amadeus share price evolved in recent years?

It is of course interesting to know the performance achieved by the Amadeus share over the last few years. Thus, we note that the performance of this share has been positive with + 33.57% over five years. Over the last three years, the share price has fallen by 8.75% and over one year, it has fallen by 32.79%. However, we note a return to a positive performance of 18.58% over the last three months in July 2020.

Where is the Amadeus Group stock listed?

The Amadeus share is currently listed on the Bolsa de Madrid in Spain and on the Mercado Continuo. It is therefore listed continuously and during the opening hours of this financial centre. It is also known that this share is included in several major stock market indices, including the IBEX 35, the Eurostoxx 50, the Low Carbon 100 Europe and the Stoxx Spain 20.

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Trade the Amadeus share!
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