Deceptive micro rebounds

According to him, "we are in a phase of stock market trading with micro rebounds", even if the "general trend remains totally negative". It should be pointed out, however, that since the first cases of people confirmed positive to Covid-19 in China (December), the world has officially recorded more than 865,000 cases in declarations. Europe accounts for more than half, Asia for 110,000 cases and the United States for 189,000 cases.

The United States is therefore severely affected by Covid-19, far exceeding the number of cases recorded in China. U.S. President Donald Trump was quick to urge his compatriots to be prepared for "very painful" weeks. Weeks that will weigh heavily on the business and household economy. According to Tangi le Liboux, "the world stock exchanges have ended a black quarter, one of the worst in history".


Tangi deepens as oil plunges

The strategist of the broker Aurel BGC called Tangi Le Liboux goes further in his analysis by saying that "the handover between the first quarter and the second quarter is a very important factor in the economic situation of the looking tricky after Donald Trump's gloomy comments on the situation to be expected in the next two weeks in the United States". On the oil side, there was a clear decline despite Tuesday's slight increase. The values are more expressive.

The price of a barrel of Brent in London had dropped 6.38% to $24.67 by 17:00 GMT. On the other hand, WTI crude oil prices in New York were down 1.76% to $20.12 per barrel. A look at the debt market shows that the debt market ended the session with no noticeable change. According to Director Benjamin Melman, "central banks have regained control.


The Director's analysis

Mr Bejamin Malman is the Chief Investment Officer of: Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management. He continues his analysis: "it is important to stress that a large part of the bond market is returning to normal", starting with government bonds.

Turning to foreign exchange, the EUR lost 1% against the Dollar and was worth $1.0921 at around 17:00 GMT (on Wednesday).