Analysis of Credit Suisse share price

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Before buying Credit Suisse shares online we offer you the opportunity to read all the essential information on this asset including its real time share price as well as a historical technical analysis of its share price and some information on the group’s activities.  

Elements that can influence the price of this asset:

Analysis N°1

Primarily, with the economic recovery of the European Union and in particular Switzerland, the Credit Suisse Group can benefit from the growth in the banking sector and credit to gain new assets thereby attracting new investors and shareholders. This is particularly pertinent to the Forex market that is currently undergoing significant growth and wherein Credit Suisse offers a number of assets.

Analysis N°2

The current strategy of Credit Suisse is aimed overall at the global management of its assets which were more separated up until recently. This decision should enable this banking group to stabilise its situation regarding the extremely strict current European standards and thereby obtain better ratings.

Analysis N°3

We also note that the Credit Suisse Group has made great efforts to boost its expansion on an international level. It has thereby managed to gain a market share in the emerging markets which should over the long term enable it to improve its profitability.

Analysis N°4

As with the other major banks, Credit Suisse must adapt to the increasingly strict economic regulations throughout the world. Its abilities to adapt will therefore be pushed to the limit over the coming years.

Analysis N°5

Finally, it should be remembered that Credit Suisse exercises its activities in a highly competitive sector and therefore risks losing parts of its market share if it doesn’t make the necessary efforts to increase its visibility against other renowned companies in this sector.

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General presentation of the Credit Suisse Company:

The Credit Suisse Group is currently one of the leaders in the financial world on an international and global level. It mainly offers private banking services and wealth management as well as investment banking services.

The group manages no less than 316.5 billion Euros of outstanding deposits and 252.1 billion Euros in outstanding loans. It primarily concerns the Swiss market as well as Europe, the Middle East, Africa, America and Pacific Asia.


Know the competition of Credit Suisse shares:

Credit Suisse is currently one of the major banks in Switzerland but also exercises its systemic banking activities of investment banking in Europe and the rest of the world. It is therefore very important to know and understand the competition in various banking sectors to be able to trade effectively in this share price on the stock markets. We therefore offer you the opportunity to learn about the major competitors of the Credit Suisse bank in Switzerland and elsewhere in the world.


Strategic alliances implemented by the Credit Suisse Group:

To conclude, here are the major partnerships implemented by the Credit Suisse Group over the last few years.


Introduction and quotation of the Credit Suisse shares:

The Credit Suisse share price is currently quoted on the Main Standard of the SIX Swiss Exchange and is included in the calculation of the FTSE Eurotop 100 stock market index.

The historical stock market share price charts show that this asset has lost numerous points over the last ten years with several successive bearish waves. A major drop first occurred between May 2007 and March 2009 leading to a fall in the share price to 30.54 CHF and despite an attempted recovery towards 60 CHF it continued to fall and passed under the 20 CHF bar in January 2016.


The factors in favour of a rise in the Credit Suisse share price:

It is absolutely necessary to have a comprehensive knowledge of a company before investing online in its share price. Among the factors and points that you should monitor before launching into trading on the stock markets is a full knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of an asset, the strengths and weak points of the company concerned. Here we examine them in detail for the Credit Suisse Group.  

Firstly, we will of course examine the strengths of the Credit Suisse Group and the factors that could promote its growth in the coming years and enable it to more effectively face the competition:


Arguments in favour of a drop in the Credit Suisse share price:

We have just examined the various advantages that the Credit Suisse group offers and its strong points compared with the competition.  But clearly this company does not only have advantages, there are some weak points that could hamper its growth and lead to falling trends or limit a rising trend in this asset’s price. Here are a few clear examples:

The factors that we have cited will of course enable you to better understand how investors will perceive Credit Suisse shares but it is important to not use these alone. In fact, you should systematically complete comprehensive fundamental and technical analyses of this asset before implementing your trading strategies whilst also taking into account movements in this data over time through announcements and events that are susceptible to cause changes in the BP share price.

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Trade in Credit Suisse shares!
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