Analysis of JP morgan share price

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If you want to invest in JP Morgan stock online or buy securities of this company, you must first make sure you have the right information in order to complete your price analysis of this value. This is precisely the purpose of this article in which we will explain how to carry out these analyzes using relevant and accurate data. We will in particular present to you this company and its detailed activities as well as its main competitors, its partners and strategic allies and the elements that you must analyze as part of a fundamental analysis of this title.  

Elements that can influence the price of this asset:

Analysis N°1

We will closely monitor the dynamism and development of the asset management market in general.

Analysis N°2

The market for banking services and credit cards, especially in the United States, will have an undeniable influence on the activities of JP Morgan.

Analysis N°3

Of course, we will also pay attention to banking and financial regulations which can be more or less strong constraints for the activities of this group.

Analysis N°4

American economic growth but also international growth will also be an impacting factor for the results of this business.

Analysis N°5

We will also closely follow the FDIC's insurance premiums and their evolution likely to increase or reduce the margins of JP Morgan.

Analysis N°6

In addition to carrying out this fundamental analysis of the JP Morgan share price, we advise you to carry out in parallel a technical analysis of this value in order to compare the signals coming from these two methods

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General presentation of JP Morgan:

Let's now explore this business and its activities in order to improve your knowledge regarding its main sources of income and profits.

The JP Morgan Chase & Company group is an American company specializing in finance and, more precisely, one of the main banking groups in the United States. To better understand its activities, it is possible to divide them into several categories according to the share of turnover they generate and in this way:

The group's outstanding deposits currently stand at $ 1,470.70 billion in outstanding deposits and $ 984 billion in outstanding loans.

Geographically, the JP Morgan Chase group now generates 76.4% of its turnover in the United States, 14.8% in Africa, 6.5% in Asia-Pacific and 2.3% in Latin America and the Caribbean islands.


Know the competition for JP Morgan shares:

In addition to knowing JP Morgan well, you must of course know its main competitors on the market and in its sector of activity. Here are the companies you should take into account in this analysis:


The strategic alliances set up by the JP Morgan group:

Let us now turn to the analysis of JP Morgan's strategic allies. This bank regularly sets up partnerships with other companies as part of its development and growth strategy. Here are just a few recent examples:

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main strengths of JP Morgan?

Currently, JP Morgan's greatest strengths relate to its franchises which are effective among the business divisions. There has also been an improvement in liquidity and capital positions in recent years, which also favors this action. Finally, the group's sources of income are sufficiently diversified, which provides the company with better protection against risk.

What are the weaknesses of the JP Morgan share?

Regarding the main weaknesses of this action of JP Morgan, we note above all a recent increase in expenses on the part of this company, which influences the general cash flow and therefore profitability. Finally, the second weak point of the banking group concerns its significant dependence on the North American market and which makes it vulnerable to its economic cycles.

What has been JP Morgan's involvement in the subprime crisis?

JP Morgan and its subsidiary Washington Mutual played a major role in subprime mortgages and therefore in the 2008 subprime crisis. Following this, the group concluded an amicable agreement in 2013 with the United States justice department and had to pay $ 13 billion, including a $ 2 billion fine and $ 4 billion which was used to compensate individuals.

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