Moderna achieves encouraging results for its Covid vaccine

  •   27/08/2020 - 10h29
  •   HARMANT Adeline

During Wednesday's session, the American biotech company Moderna, which had been noticed for its meteoric rise in the stock market since the beginning of the year, said in a meeting with the committee of the U.S. public health agency CDC, that its experimental coronavirus vaccine had just obtained promising new results in a small sample of elderly people.

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Moderna achieves encouraging results for its Covid vaccine

One of the most advanced vaccines against covid-19 :

This news is of great importance since the vaccine in question is currently one of the most highly developed and high-profile among more than 100 similar projects carried out by other companies in the sector. The latter thus generated an interesting immune response after being administered to a small sample of elderly people, as indicated by the biotech company in its press release.

Moderna is a biotechnology company that was founded in 2009 and became popular this year for its research on coronavirus. The biotech company tested its vaccine on three cohorts of ten people, the first being volunteer patients between the ages of 18 and 55, the second being patients between 56 and 70, and the third being people over 71 years of age, which represents the category most at risk for this epidemic.

Patients tested produce antibodies to the virus and develop a type of white blood cell, T-cells, after a protocol of two 100 microgram doses 28 days apart. At least that is what an expert advisory committee says. These effects have been seen in both elderly patients and younger adults and at a level equivalent to or greater than that usually seen in patients who have contracted the virus and recovered from it.

A live television broadcast yesterday relayed the presentation of these data to a committee convened by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which is a U.S. federal agency.


Pending an audit of these data:

However, these results have not yet been reviewed by other scientists for publication in a medical journal.

This vaccine appears to be as well tolerated with no observed adverse events. It is also known that Moderna is conducting another phase III trial in parallel and is currently recruiting 30,000 volunteers for this purpose.

In the morning of Wednesday, the price of this value increased by 7.8% to 71.44 dollars on the Nasdaq market and the company thus capitalizes a total of 26.7 billion dollars.

With regard to Moderna, it should be noted that this biotech has already obtained positive results in the first phase of trials for 6 prophylactic vaccines out of nine projects in clinical development. She also works in oncology with Merck, in immuno-oncology with Astrazeneca and in the field of cardiovascular diseases.