Analysis of Moderna share price

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Are you interested in the Moderna stock and want to analyze this stock before trading it? You'll learn a little more about the company and its economic environment in this article. With precise information on the activities of this company, its sources of revenue or even its main competitors and partners, you'll have all the data in hand to set up the most effective trading strategy. We'll also provide you with some useful data about its stock market listing as well as advice to help you carry out your fundamental analyses.  

Latest news

Roche becomes Moderna partner in vaccine candidate trials

09/12/2020 - 17h04

The Roche Group announced this morning the establishment of a new strategic partnership with the Moderna Group for the trials of the candidate vaccine against the new coronavirus.

Elements that can influence the price of this asset:

Analysis N°1

First, closely monitor all of Moderna's ongoing clinical trials of future vaccines or treatments, the results of which can have a very significant influence on the trend and volatility of its share.

Analysis N°2

We'll also be following the approvals of marketing authorization by international health authorities for products developed by the group.

Analysis N°3

It goes without saying that you should also take into account the particularly aggressive competition in this sector of activity by following the evolution of companies developing similar treatments.

Analysis N°4

You should also keep an eye on the company's financing through fundraising or by other companies which allow it to carry out various studies and research programs.

Analysis N°5

Finally, following the current and future financial results of this group is important, taking into account analysts' forecasts and the group's objectives.

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General presentation of Moderna Company:

Here, you can check out the Moderna Company and its main activities, in order to better understand how its economic environment is likely to impact its development on the stock market.

The Moderna Therapeutics group is an American company specializing in the biotechnology sector. More specifically, the company is invested in transformative medicines based on messenger RNA or mRNA. The company has even created a platform to improve the underlying pharmaceutical properties of mRNA-based drugs.

The platform focuses on three main areas:

The group is pursuing mRNA science in order to reduce unwanted activation of the immune system by mRNA and promote the potency of mRNA once in target cells. The company is also pushing forward a development pipeline of 21 different programs, 10 of which are currently in clinical studies and three have open INDs.

Among the vaccine and therapy development programs are solutions for infectious diseases, oncology, cardiovascular disease and rare genetic diseases. They are broken down into six different methods with prophylactic vaccines, cancer vaccines, intratumoral immuno-oncology, local regenerative therapies, secreted systemic therapies and intracellular systemic therapies.

An important element to mention is that Moderna is currently in the process of developing a vaccine against Covid-19.

The group employs 830 people, mainly in the United States.


Knowing Moderna shares competition:

Moderna faces rather small competition but relatively aggressive from other biotechnology companies which are developing in the same segments. Here are the main ones.


The strategic alliances set up by the Mederna group:

Now let's check out some examples of partnerships recently signed by Moderna Therapeutics with other companies and which have had an influence on this value.

Although these two alliances are past partnerships, we recommend that you follow closely the future partnerships of this company as its announcement could have a significant impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Moderna Therapeutics stock accessible from United Kingdom?

Although the Moderna Therapeutics share price is listed on the American NYSE market, it is possible to speculate on this value from United Kingdom. To do so, however, you need to refer to an online trading platform that offers the value and therefore has access to stocks of foreign companies, including American stocks. This is the case with online CFD trading platforms.

How to track the Moderna group news?

You can follow the Moderna group news by consulting data published on the company's website particularly the clinical trials and various phases of tests carried out on the treatments and vaccines under development, along with all the related news on the company including financial publications, on-going strategic operations, partnerships and other major communication.

When should you take a position on the Moderna Therapeutics share price?

If you want to trade the Moderna Therapeutics share price, the best time to buy would of course be at the beginning of an uptrend. To do so, you can base yourself on the fundamental analysis of this value and detect the events that will influence an increase in its price. During a downtrend, you should follow the technical data as well as the news which may disappoint investors and shareholders in the short term.

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Trade the Moderna share!
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