Novartis receives FDA approval for Beovu update

  •   15/06/2020 - 11h37
  •   DEHOUI Lionel

The animators of the pharmaceutical field know the Swiss-based company Novartis very well. It is a group specialising in the manufacture of numerous medicines and has its official headquarters in Basel. The group announces its colours through its sales and market capitalization. With its attributes in medicine, Novartis had a voice in the Covid-19 vaccine research. He made his comment public on Friday, May 15, 2020. According to the DG of the pharmaceutical group, it is not possible to find a vaccine against Covid-19 that can be used quickly. According to General Director Vas Narasimhan, it will take at least two years. A few days later (June 05), the same company made public the discovery of a treatment to improve the lives of asthma sufferers. This weekend, Novartis unveils an FDA decision.

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Novartis receives FDA approval for Beovu update
Image copyright: Andrew Hecht - Flickr

Details on FDA approval

The announcement came this Friday and indicates that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given its approval for an update. The latter concerns prescription information for brolucizumab, Beovu. The update will be used to provide guidance to healthcare professionals when treating people with wet AMD. It takes into account several important elements that are important to note.

The update will focus on the characterization of retinal vasculitis, adverse events and retinal vascular occlusion. This is in line with the spectrum of intraocular inflammation noted during the HAWK & HARRIER trials. The pharmaceutical group Novartis made the announcement through an official statement by Marcia Kayath. She is the Group's Global Head of Medical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer.


A team meets to discuss the work

Marcia Kayath said the company believes Beovu continues to be an important solution in the treatment of patients with wet AMD. Beovu's option is generally favourable when considering its benefit/risk profile. The company also stated that it had to bring together a whole group totally dedicated to the work.

This team is in collaboration with the best external experts from all over the world and takes advantage of the collective multidisciplinary expertise for a given purpose. Indeed, the aim is to examine the distant origins, the components of possible risk factors and the reduction of adverse events. It is clear that Novartis is committed to continuing to find effective treatments for diseases.


Novartis makes progress in asthma treatment

In the treatment of asthma, Novartis announced an inhaler that met its primary endpoint. This happened in a Phase IIIb study. The pharmaceutical group claimed that this result proves that the treatment demonstrated non-inferiority to the combination of the 2 existing inhaled treatments. However, the treatment must be taken with Eneizair Breezhaler once a week.

For example, Novartis is using its expertise as always to help relieve the lives of patients with uncontrolled asthma. In addition, the 2 existing inhaled treatments are delivered in high doses twice in 24 hours, but in two different devices. Novartis made this study public on June 5.