Best Online CFD Trading Platforms

Over the last few years, online trading has experienced tremendous growth among French individuals, thanks to the emergence of trading platforms that can be used by anyone from a single computer. However, the advent of this new area has also led to the arrival of an ever-increasing number of brokers, making it more difficult for investors to make a choice. It must be said that all online trading platforms are competing fiercely to attract more and more new traders by implementing new features and tools or by offering promotions, each one more interesting than the last. To help these new investors make the right choice, we have produced a comprehensive comparison of the best trading platforms on the market with a detailed fact sheet for each of them including a description of all the stock market products, their advantages and disadvantages.

The trading platforms of our comparative :

Of course, the trading platforms that we have chosen to include in this comparison have been included because of several criteria, proof of their quality and seriousness.

For example, these platforms are all authorised by the European authorities, which guarantees users a maximum level of security.  All financial transactions, whether it is your deposits, withdrawals or trades, are completely secure and confidential.

These platforms have also been selected for the quality of the instruments they offer and therefore the trading comfort of its users.


Detailed trading instruments:

In this comparison, we will attach great importance to the details we will provide you about the different stock market trading instruments offered by brokers. In each platform's fact sheet, you will be able to see which investment products and assets are available, be it shares, indices, bonds, commodities or currencies.

You will then be able to make your choice according to the diversity of these assets and thus best diversify your investment portfolio, according to your desires, needs and investment prospects.


Specific tools and functionalities :

While it may be tempting to choose one broker over another in order to take advantage of a promotion or sponsorship, you should keep in mind that the most important element of your choice should be the trading platform offered.

While some brokers offer common solutions such as the Metatrader platform, others offer in-house solutions with a few special features. It is essential that you feel comfortable with the trading interface.

To verify this, the ideal is to test the platform whenever possible using a free demo account. Otherwise, brokers often present their platform to interested parties in the form of demonstration videos.

It is essential that you check that the platform includes the tools you will need (charts, market information, spread display, etc.) and that it is easy to use and user-friendly. Of course, you will prefer platforms presenting all information in French.


Spreads and other charges :

If it is customary to say that brokers do not charge any fees, they are remunerated on the spreads they use. The level of these spreads is therefore important in the choice of your intermediary. Beware of variable spreads and prefer fixed and guaranteed spreads.

Above all, remember to compare the spreads practiced by several operators on the currency pairs and other financial assets you are interested in. These are usually displayed in the form of tables.

Finally, before you start, check the reputation of the chosen broker by consulting the opinions of Internet users on forums and specialised sites.